Thursday, December 9, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - Is there a line that I could write that's sad enough to make you cry?

1.I was happy I made it into the city yesterday to do the Christmas Village and Dilworth Holiday stuff to see and stroll and support some small businesses. I missed that last year, and missed doing a DiBruno sweep close to the holidays as well so I did that yesterday too. It was a little of a now or never thing as I'm headed back to the shore tomorrow and will be there most of next week.

2. I'm pretty sure I stayed out of the city entirely last December, January, and February. Maybe I had a dentist appointment in Feb? Anyhoo the train was absolutely deserted if I did go in. I forgot what it was like to wear a coat and have three bags on a crowded train at the end of the day, shoes feeling too tight and everything generally sardine-ish. Add a mask to that and my claustrophobia was extremely close to losing my shit in a burst of sudden movement trying to get free. Also the scarf I'm wearing in the morning before my claustrophobic overheated breakdown was knitted by my Mom Mom when I was younger and is at least 30 years old. 

3. The Great Couch Crusade is back on. In 2020 we replaced the old sectional in our shore apartment - we searched for a suitable replacement for five years. Sat  on it in the store for an hour, fine. That damn couch is not hospitable for laying on. Our couches in Philly are about 10 years old. I would die for these couches but they are no longer suitable for the living room and will be moving to the basement to live out their remaining years down there. I jumped back into the game and ordered couches online (these in bayou spray, after arrival I will get a secondary set of covers probably in a different color) that look a lot like the beloved couches that are no longer made. They will allegedly arrive in March.

4. I was talking to my coworker friend this week about car and appliance woes (hers).It made me think about how when I was younger I could not wait to be in charge of everything and let's be real I still like being in charge of shit that relates to me but the pain in the ass shit and the bills are not what I was bargaining for when I thought about adulthood as a youth.

5. Totally digging Puma athleisure shoes lately. I got these with cousin Rob's friends and family discount code. Merry Christmas to meeeeeeee. I sold two pair of shoes on Poshmark this week and have two others up for sale. I also dropped off donations. Both things have been on my list for a freaking eternity.
6. Along with the closet contact papering project which finally happened Monday night. Between that and the Poshmarking shit and the basement reorganization Sunday I've cleared off some 2020 items from my to do list. Oi.
7. Not much else doing around here in Animal Town. The dogs love their electric blankets, why didn't I do this before this winter? They have one in Philly and one at the shore. Billy has been playing fetch and bounding around a lot this week like a proper dog. Gus sleeps most of the time. And Bruce is desperate to sit next to my dad constantly even though my Dad does not want to sit next to Bruce ever. 

8. I'm beta reading Shelby's book this week, and started something from Netgalley that I can't recall the name of at this time. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday!

9. Reminder: This via Keeley Shaw. Also restore some of the light people and things have sucked out of you by helping people who need it however you can, all the times you can, but please don't donate to the Salvation Army.

10. Ecards - 

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Found Out About You by Gin Blossoms

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