Friday, December 17, 2021

Friday Five-ish: Christmassy shit

Happy Friday - one week left until Christmas Eve. Two weeks left in this year. A good time to dump the holiday-ish photos I've taken here and wander off into the weekend, where I have three actual event-related things to do. After so long of having nothing to do, doing a fraction of what I used to feels like so much LOL. 

Ocean City's beach trees: North Street, 11th Street, 15th Street, 21st Street, 37th Street, and 55th Street. I also went to see the secret tree on Seaspray that lights up at night but it's been so heavily misty this week my pictures are shite.
Over a week ago my Dad and Carol took us to dinner at Macaroni's. The meal was absolutely delicious, I cannot stop thinking about the brussels or the stuffed chop. Their entry tree was amazing too. Then we drove around two of the cul-de-sacs in our neighborhood to look at the lights. 
Clark Griswold finished his window after that. You can land a plane in our living room but it always looks festive and nice.
Of course we have pet photos to accompany that.
If you're not feeling it or feeling very fucking tired of the show that is 202021 - I'm just saying it together now, it's run together and it has run well amok - hang in there. I hope you get some rest over the holidays. Remember you don't have to do everything, buy everything, see everything, be everywhere. Quiet holidays are wonderful too. Or not observing them at all if you don't feel like it also works. 

I hope everyone is vaccinated and boosted, taking advantage of the warmer temps to ventilate well or be outside and in general careful out there. If you indulge in holiday spirits, do not indulge in holiday driving.

I am ill over the national threats of school shootings trending on social media. This country is beyond broken and it cannot be fixed within the systems we currently have. This is freedom? Really? Be safe out there everyone. 

Happy happy happy birthday to my very favorite little boy  - my nephew turns four today. He is smart, funny, mercurial, and gives amazing hugs. 

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