Thursday, December 2, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - everybody has a reason to begin again

Embracing the weeks leading up to the winter solstice and getting hygge with it. Lights and candles to bring the light in when the outside does not provide. Reflection, intentions, sitting deep into the coming winter and myself.
Waiting for Billy Cat to destroy something. He is the cat version of the Grinch slinking himself around my decorations. Excuse the blurry shots, they are taken from video. But you get the drift. 
Loving seeing everyone's menorahs

Making my list and checking it twice. I have no fucking idea what I do and don't have for Christmas. 

Staying longer in Philly that I originally planned to when I came up yesterday. I will probably stay through Sunday morning to get some shit done that I put off every time I come back here. I'll be doing more of the back and forth through December while the temps make that possible. If we're to keep the shore house open, we need to be down there on the frozen days. 

Romping on the beach every day we're there. We love the warm days but we go on the cold days too.

Knowing who my most listened to will be before Spotify even wraps. One does not name their dog Bruce Springsteen without listening to a lot of Bruce Springsteen, you know? 
Raging over the comments by Roberts and Kavanaugh on the Mississippi abortion case. Like, don't talk to me raging. Not able to discuss raging. Go fuck yourself raging. Abortion on demand without apology or explanation and not anyone's business

Failing to see how this is a thing even though people are very much trying to make it a thing every time anyone says happy holidays on the internet. If I didn't see it in comments myself I wouldn't believe it because it is possibly the only thing stupider right now than let's go brandon said in a way that implies the rest of us don't know what it means which makes me laugh uncontrollably which is the opposite of what they want I think. Is Christmas not a fucking holiday? Why the fuck do you care if someone says happy holidays and you say Merry Christmas? The fake fragility and bravado for defending Christmas which needs no fucking defense makes me want to scream. Go away. Do things that actual Jesus would have done like care about the sick and poor people and love everyone. 

Digging this as far as processed shit goes
Entering Ben cold season. He follows the sun, I put the heat on for him, and he has an electric blanket which he shares with Mae and Cici. Constantly cold, constantly refusing to wear a jacket. 

Listening to Long Walk Home by Springsteen. A favorite. 

Watching Yellowstone. I caught up this week. I forgot what it's like to watch a show episode by episode. It sucks. It is still hard for me to wrap my head around Rip being Billy in Good Will Hunting.

Eating pork tenderloin and salad are on the menu for tonight. Maybe a veggie type of casserole tomorrow night. I need to see what I have.

Delighting in following DesignMom on Instagram, love her stories of renovating the Tall House. Big fan of Twitter by Design Mom on there too.

Identifying with this more than I'd like to
Needing to wash my hair

Reading A History of Wild Places. I mowed through a few netgalley books earlier this week when I was solo at the shore. I also have a new novel by Shelby to beta read! I have to print that out today.

Reminding us all via Blair Imani

What's new with you?

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Long Walk Home by Springsteen

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