Monday, December 27, 2021

TWTW - the one with the Christmas

Friday Up and at 'em at the crack of dawn. Thanks dogs. I painted my nails, then Carol and I went to Cake Life in Fishtown to pick up my pre-order which included amazing herbed goat cheese biscuits. I came back and made eggs then relaxed and watched a Hallmark movie and took a Covid rapid test before going out even though I'm triple vaxxed because 202021. It was nice to return to a version of Christmas Eve traditions of Sandy's and my aunt and uncle's and the start of what will be a new one at Col & John's, whose open house landed in the middle. And where MFD dropped me and left me to deal with some volunteer work and also to check in on the dogs as Gus shit everywhere. God bless. When he got back I ran to see my Pop before he turned into a pumpkin and Mom and Rich had to take him home, then MFD got dropped off. We hung around for a bit, then dropped my brother Swan off, and  drove around listening to a few of our must hear Christmas tunes and taking in some lights. I was in bed by 9 with Tums, my stomach felt off. 

Saturday Nothing says Merry Christmas like your husband waking up and puking. Good thing we had planned to do nothing on Christmas Day! Ho ho ho, mofos. The dogs and cat enjoyed the morning (Billy's first Christmas experience), I loved stockings the most as I always do (ours made by Lori). I usually buy all gifts but MFD got me some this year from a woman, African American, veteran owned small business in Philly - Trunc - and I loved that so much. I popped over to see my niece and nephew and have bacon breakfast muffins. The rest of the day was amazing - MFD was asleep or on another floor all day so I could read, order slippers I wanted, order chinese, have chocolate cake, and watch Great British Bake Off holiday shows. Delightful. I dislike Christmas in general so doing the fun on Christmas Eve and nothing on Christmas day suits me well. 

Sunday Unfortunately I could not fall asleep and was up until 2, then up at 5 with Gus, and up for the freaking day an hour after that. That led to a grouchy Sunday. I put some of Christmas away and futzed around putting some new stuff out - how cool are the vintage candle holders Carol got me at a store in their new town? Purple, vintage, and reminiscent of the moon - ran to the grocery store, watched the Eagles in my new official Eagles gear which meant they won of  course, had salad for dinner, got a visit from my niece and nephew, and did some work. Yes, I am allegedly off this week. 

I hope you had the Christmas you wanted, and that you're going to have the week you want this week. And not the night MFD had last night, pulling a ribbon out of Billy's butt because he ate it. Merry Christmas everyone.

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