Thursday, September 30, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - it's like glass when we break

1. Perpetually under construction. Dead stop traffic at every and all times of day. I'm always shocked there has not be a serial killer triggered by the traumatic events of traveling 95 through Philadelphia.  

2. I got one front flower bed cleared under the cover of darkness and two left to do. And the weeds. Always the MFing weeds. Mums from Jen's girls' dance fundraiser are out and some Halloween stuff. MFD cannot locate my hanging skeletons in his shed of disorganized horror. 

3. At the shore, he missed trash day on the rug and has added a second chair to his driveway living room. I am not amused.

4. Billy Hicks is very interested in the driveway living room and outdoor happenings. Disregard the glass door that has perma sludge from humidity and salt air.

5. Since we are falling into longer pants, I thought it would be a good time to review my non-fashionista stance on 
  • jeans: no, not at any time
  • Jeggings: yes, pull on only not stretchy jeans with button and zipper masquerading as jeggings
  • leggings: yes, and definitely under dresses instead of tights...and while I am looking forward to the LulaRoe documentary I would like to say that their solid black leggings are still king and I own multiple pairs with no regrets. Also into these garment died ones from Old Navy. I can never find navy so these please me very much.
  • bootcut pants: Yes if they are the Duluth Trading Company NoGA Boot Cut Pants
  • joggers: fuck off out of here, no
6. My mom and Rich were at the shore this week and before they left they dropped off the triple threat from Johnson's which is carmel corn, buttered popcorn, and cheese popcorn. I learned about it from Aubrey and shit is it good.

7. I've been reading one book all week. A few times a year I go into the declined requests section of Netgalley to make sure I've added what I want to Goodreads, and I am pleased in a petty way when I was denied for a book that has like an average 3 review. Bye. I've been reading one book since Sunday. My brain was tapped out Monday & Tuesday. I have library books on deck next. 

8. I shared this on Instagram yesterday but wanted to make sure I put it here for the last day of Recovery Month. I was a trash person who said junkie in the past and used to ask people why they weren't drinking. Know better, do better. If you didn't know, now you do. 
9. Reminder, 

10. Ecards

I'm reaaaalllly looking forward to Friday. 

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Am I Wrong by Love Spit Love. It's the 90s up in here this week

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