Thursday, September 23, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - there's an opera out on the Turnpike, there's a ballet being fought out in the alley

1.I love a warm fall where you just need a long sleeve in the morning or night but can still wear shorts. I don't need to be wearing leggings and boots and sweaters on September 22. But I would like to not expire from humidity. As of last night, it's finally porch weather again so Bruce sits waiting for passerby to fawn over him and we headed out there after Dog Beach too.

2. MFD cleaned the porch and put out the fall/winter carpets while I was in the city this week. I'm waiting on the arrival of my pillows and am picking up pumpkins today or tomorrow. I put some fall stuff out upstairs in the house at the shore too, I don't go crazy with seasonal decor like I did when I first had a place of my own but I do like to change a few things out. Philly house is next.
3. Happy birthday, Bruce Springsteen the man. 71 today. Happy birthday Jenny Leslie also!
4. Hiiii, do your own research people. Get vaccinated I am sick of this shit

5. Never say never me is back - I did my first reel on Instagram last night as a practice run because I'm introducing them in my job. I prefer to fuck social media shit up on my own account so I know what I'm doing on professional accounts. And I fucked it up last night and had to re-do so I'm happy I stick with that policy above all else. Mae was the subject. She usually travels in a pair with Gus but she's been weird this week so I kept her with me. 

6. Other shore shots from this week of Dog Beach frolickers and the full harvest moon Monday night. If you have never stood with your feet in the water when it's a full moon, you should. The energy is present  and palpable in the water. It is a cool experience. Put it on your list. Crazy rip tides here this week. 

7. That time I went into the office dressed as Grimace, forgot my coveted Kouklet slices from DiBruno among other things, remembered how much I missed street shots, and picked up a new shampoo to try in person in a store. Alternatively titled: Tuesday
8. Having the blue corporate party in office doesn't do a fucking thing for human rights either. There's no excuse for what is happening at the border. It is not illegal to seek asylum, people should not be met with violence you can see on the faces of agents NO MATTER WHO IS PRESIDENT. Biden condemning this doesn't mean a motherfucking thing. Words don't mean shit. Treat everyone with dignity, root white supremacy out of Homeland Security, and abolish ICE flat out or you are not upholding democratic values. Fuck this centrist shit. And fuck anyone who needs to apply context to this situation as if rules and policies should come before human life and safety. If you're worried about who will pay for asylum seekers, worry about who is paying for corporate welfare because THAT IS ALREADY YOU AND IT'S BEEN YOU. Our entire immigration "policy" is white supremacy period. All images and captions can be found on Instagram. Unsurprising that the daughter of MLK is spot on everything.
9. Reminder, via Mimi Moffie

10. Ecards

How are you?

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Jungleland by Bruce Springsteen

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