Wednesday, September 8, 2021

How to make your yard welcoming throughout fall

I walked past my flower bed this morning and thought, it's time.

Entertaining in the yard is great in the summer, but with more pleasant temperatures continuing into the fall, I much prefer to be outside then. Less heat and less bugs. Fall is a beautiful time of year to spend time with friends and family outdoors, which is great as we are still in the throes of a pandemic that loves poorly ventilated spaces.. All the colors are changing and there are plenty of fall flowers and crops in bloom. You can enjoy the views from a cozy spot on your patio or even set up a larger seating area. Here are a few fun ways to make your yard welcoming throughout fall.

Showcase your grilling skills
You can still enjoy a family meal outside in the fall. If you’ve not had much chance to practice this summer, there’s still plenty of time to learn how to grill. Showcase your latest recipes and impress your guests. You could even invest a few new grill gadgets. You could also set up a portable outdoor cart to hold plastic cups, an ice bucket, and a pitcher of iced tea to be able to easily serve drinks. Put some solar string lights on there and make your outdoor gathering pop. 

Create a magical atmosphere
Fall is perfect because it gets darker earlier in the evenings but not too cold so you can really use this to your advantage to create a magical atmosphere. Upgrade your outdoor lighting, and set up a few candles and lanterns. These solar string lights, for example, are ideal for decorating an outside space. es, I do recommend solar string lights for all occasions. I am always lacking outdoor outlets so they've been perfect in my life. They will charge using energy from the sun during the day and will automatically turn on at twilight. You could separate a cozy area for dining or simply hanging out with a lovely set of these string lights.

Keep warm on cooler evenings
You can also invest in some form of outdoor heating, such as a fire pit, for cooler nights. Check out the best fire pits in 2021. These will add to that aforementioned magical atmosphere, bringing a big Alice Hoffman/Practical Magic vibe to the yard, and you can keep your guests warm for longer. Fire pits vary in size and price so you can choose the right one to suit your yard space and budget. Some are even usable for cooking, or at the very least toasting marshmallows. Now that our big tree out back was lost to tornado, we might finally be in the market to replace ours that rusted out a few years back.

Upgrade your seating area
If you have a budget set aside to renovate your home you could think about redesigning your outdoor seating area. Look into getting new patio furniture or even setting up a roof or more enclosed area. This will be versatile during the warmer months and you can make your outdoor seating area more comfortable for your guests.

Add color and texture
If you want to make your yard more welcoming in the fall, decorate with fall colors and texture. There are plenty of warm colors around in the fall such as burnt oranges and reds, bright golds, and earthy greens so you could use these to create a theme. Add a few cushions and blankets to make your seating area cozier in the evenings. If you have a more modest space, you could use boxes that double up as stools or tables. These will be perfect for storing your blankets and accessories while you’re not using them.

DIY your own upcycled pieces
Add a personal touch to your outside space by creating your own upcycled pieces. You could look for old household items to repurpose into lanterns and planters, for example. Here are some creative DIY lantern ideas for inspiration. You could also upcycle larger items such as patio furniture or shelves. Wooden pallets and boxes can be very versatile, for instance. See what you can find in the house or garage. I love moving bookcases that have seen better days outside. This is a fun creative project to do with kids as well. If you’re a family that loves a DIY project, why not create something original in time for the fall?

Refresh your containers
If your summer containers are starting to wilt or you’ve had your last yield of crops, you could refresh these for the cooler months. Fill your containers and hanging baskets with fresh fall flowers that will stay in bloom for a little longer. These include marigolds, pansies, violas, and more. Go for colorful options with a wonderful scent. You could also consider planting a few fragrant herbs. Transform your yard into a treat for all the senses this fall. With a few quick upgrades, you can work with nature to get through the summer to fall transition, and turn your yard into a magical place to be. Welcome your guests outside and enjoy a relaxing time together.


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