Thursday, September 2, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - You arrived like a day and passed like a cloud

Appreciating this sentiment. There are a lot of people out there feeling like this is too much. This, that, everything. Like we are not supposed to feel this. But we are. Life is not great all the time. You can't out mindset everything. The cult of positivity is a racket, and hustle culture is killing us. This feeling too much though? This is being human. It's not just you. 

Waiting for the last weekly guests of the summer to check out. Tomorrow at noon. Tick tock. Then one more Wednesday - Sunday rental next week and we're framily only until next year. I know everyone is all fall but we're now in my favorite part of summer - the last month of calendar summer - and my windows are open, I have shorts and a cardigan on, and the ocean water is warm for swimming. Labor Day has always been my favorite of the summer holidays at the shore, long before we bought this house and now more than ever. 

Keeping everyone in my area hit yesterday by Ida-born flooding and tornados in my thoughts, as well as everyone south in her path. We had no issues in Philly and not even a drop of rain at the shore. We were thankful for that after flooding this weekend and Monday - this is Monday night after a quick passing storm. But seriously...climate action now as the east is under water and the west is on fire. We are watching the effects of climate change happen before our eyes with worsening and increasing incidents of severe weather no one has insurance for - when are we going to demand the government take serious action to halt this as best as we can?  
Going out for MFD's birthday dinner tonight. We stayed close to home last night because we were expecting rain. We had Bennie's takeout last night instead. Always solidly delicious.

Inviting every know it all patronizing motherfucker who has ever argued with me about women's rights and said Roe could never be overturned - and you know who you fucking are - to come dine at my table while we discuss steps forward. Those who thought the unqualified idiots installed on the Supreme Court last presidential term would observe precedent are also invited. I'll be serving shit pie. Eat up, motherfuckers. The door is open for other states to effectively outlaw abortion, cutting Roe off at the knees. This does not happen without repercussions in other areas either. If you really cared about women and children, the focus would not be on outlawing abortion but making it easier for both to thrive in this world. 

Ordering groceries for delivery for the weekend. One of the best services ever. 

Enjoying Animal House living. Billy thinks he is a dog. 
Reminding us  

Wishing Mark a happy birthday today! 

Reading Tearing through the latest Lisa Jewel that comes out Sept 7 and picking up my next read at the library Tuesday.

What's new with you?

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Talk of the Town by The Pretenders

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