Friday, September 10, 2021

Friday check in chat

Coming at you live from Philadelphia International Airport. The last time I was in an airport was March 16, 2020. This morning has simultaneously been foreign and familiar. Foreign in that a lot of things have changed. Familiar in a lot of things remain the same, including new Covid-era things: rolling with last minute changes like the lot where I made a parking reservation yesterday afternoon at 3 is closed this morning and I was redirected, maskholes who think they can put their mask on whenever the fuck they want so I am arguing with people in a small passenger van before 7:30 am. I understand in this life in the time of corona yet still detest a last minute change in airport parking. I always get riled up by people who think rules apply to six other people and not them. Those things have not changed either. 

You might notice some more This post was written for the Life According to Steph audience posts recently. I've accepted more sponsored posts because I've amped up my donations to literally everything, including new Afghan refugee and local Ida sufferer groups as well as some veteran support organizations and Ultraviolet to combat the outright assault on women in TX. If you have spare change or time I hope you help who you can how you can. So many people out there need it and we do not have the social safety net other countries have. I will die on the abortion hill. You can take your arguments about that or vaccine and mask mandates and shove them up your asshole. Not today, and not ever with me. Go elsewhere. 

What else...the second to last airport experience I had before the world changed was also to Boston. Kim was stocking supplies and I had no idea what was even happening because I was up to my ears in work deadlines and pulling 12 hour days. Kim and I were together in the afternoon of September 11 20 years ago and this might be the same time we've been together on that day since. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with her and Libby and Steve.

Did you know Auntie Anne’s has breakfast sandwiches?

The pineapple is the new pink princess bed, which Billy Hicks has gotten in the mix on. We have a pink princess bed at the shore and in Philly and both get daily, consistent use. We have a shark at the shore instead of a pineapple and so far only Billy has been in that but Ben and Mae love the pineapple. 
Yesterday I woke up to the realization I had forgotten to make coffee, which I made the day before obvi since I make iced coffee. My work day was packed and I was doing some extra since I had an afternoon appointment, plus it was raining so I was not in the mood to go get some. Flex time has been amazing yesterday and will be again today. Anyhoo I sulkily drank a smidge of MFD’s hot coffee and made it a point to get a medium this morning with plans to get another when I land. 
Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. Join me & Jana & our online reader crew.
Have a breather of a weekend.

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