Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Birthday jam

Happy 44th to the person who gets up with the dogs, deals with animal poop the most, finds serenity in fishing, does the outside chores (that’s hosing down not peeing in that photo…carry on), has better hair than me, runs for political office twice without my approval, live carves a pumpkin in the driveway every Halloween, gets excited over Christmas gifts but lets them sit unused for months, gets his ass handed to him on patriarchal matters less and less as the years go on, accompanies me on numerous walks intending to get around the point at the South End even when he knows we will not complete them because of the wind or old dogs, meticulously brushes sand off of his flip flops before getting in the car, has taken over all my headbands, is always up for trying new things, makes the gravy, speaks a hybrid Chewbacca dog language, stops and poses for the picture with only minor grumblings, embraces silliness, is a doer of grand gestures, delivers cats, likes to surprise me even though I hate surprises, makes me laugh, annoys the shit out of me, still takes it right past the line after all these years, promotes the Moon Pod, will go out and get treats regardless of the hour or weather when there are none in the house we want, and makes most days interesting.

His birthday fundraiser for Advocates for Homeless & Those in Need is here if you are so inclined. 

Happy birthday to AJ and his brother Drew, Debbie, and Griffin too!

And happy first day of school to so many kids this week, but specifically today to my niece Lola Jean on her first day of kindergarten. 

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