Monday, September 20, 2021

TWTW - September style

Friday Leftover bagel + leftover salmon from the night before = excellent breakfast. At lunch I ran errands to get candles and pick up laundry. After work I sat on the porch with the dogs and read. Mindy arrived with Jax and Drew and friends for his birthday weekend and I retreated downstairs and read. MFD arrived with the old dogs around 8. 

Saturday It was a beautiful beach day, and I got down there around 12. I started four books before finally settling on one and reading it through. The boardwalk was humid AF but solidly good skies and the not yet full moon looked fabulous over the ocean at night. I opened a gift from Shelby, swag from her short story The Lady of Rever, which you can find in All Worlds Wayfarer: Issue 10: A Speculative Fiction Literary Magazine. Check it out! 

Sunday I had the best friend dogs at dog beach before 8 and found one perfect shell and a rare blue sea glass. At 1 MFD, Mindy, and I went to the beach to watch the air show. I started another book, Mindy and all the kids left around 4, and I threw together salad and a sauce for dinner. Lolled around all night reading and watching the first episode of American Rust and some of the Emmys.

Happy birthday to our nephew Drew and my youngest brother Swan yesterday and my oldest friend Jen on Saturday!

Now it's just another Manic Monday with a busy work-week ahead. 

How was your weekend?

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