Wednesday, September 29, 2021

5 easy tips to help with healthier eating

Planning healthy meals for your family allows you to get creative but can also be challenging, especially when you have a busy schedule and don’t know where to start or are extremely bored with all of your typical options like I am after the past year and a half of eating mostly at home. As America shifts again through the pandemic and the pace picks up for many, other options such as fast food and grab and go have become even more popular and convenient. It takes a conscious effort to make time to ensure your family eats well. Research reveals that about only 30% of families often have dinner together, and we are typically not in that percentage. Whether you’re able to eat together every day or a few times during the week, here are some ways to ensure that you and your family have some healthy, enjoyable meals. 

Get creative with some new recipes

I know, is "new recipes" a joke at this point in the year of our lord 2021? Trying to eat healthily can get boring sometimes, but one great way to make things more interesting is to try out some new healthy recipes together. Thankfully, there are many videos and recipes online to help you prepare various healthy and tasty meals. I love Budget Bytes - which speak to a smaller budget and can be healthified (that is a technical term, look it up) if they are not already. This year I've also started following Dwardcooks (that's his site, his Instagram is good as well) who does healthy comfort food (and models on WW for those of you into that). I found him through That's What She Eats for grill stuff and general prep ideas, then realized Ed is local and comes to OCNJ a lot so that's fun. And I found That's What She Eats through Audrey. So if you follow someone you get food inspo from, hook me up.

Also remember healthier doesn't mean never eating treats. If you’re getting into the holiday mood or want to try something fun during the week, this crustless pumpkin pie recipe doesn't require much time. I am always down for crustless because I dislike making them, not because I do low carb. I don't believe in that.

Prep your meals in advance

A lot of my food woes this past year can be laid at the feet of me abandoning weekly food prep on Sundays when the world changed. Meal prep is an excellent way to consciously plan your meals and incorporate healthier options such as fruits and veggies. It also helps save costs as it enables you to avoid impulse buying and know what you want when you go grocery shopping. It takes the daily what are we eating out of the equation too. I've returned to bulk prepping breakfasts and cutting up veggies for lunches and that has made a huge difference.

Set regular and consistent mealtimes

I like being an adult and eating whenever the F I want but in reality having regular eating times helps me be more conscious about what I take in and reduces excessive snacking which is good because guess what I'M BORED WITH ALL MY SNACKS TOO. I also need to know I'm getting in the right amount of veggies and protein and set plans and times helps.

Reduce screen time during meals

Never a bad idea to reduce screen time and encourage actual conversation.

Reduce sugary drinks and snacks

I rode the Sugar Dragon through 2020 Corona Land and needed to way back off on the sugary stuff. I am huge into Aldi frozen mixed berries and Hershey's kisses or a few peanut M&Ms when I get the itch. I am not into cutting out anything, I think it's unrealistic and ridiculous, but I know when I need to cut back.

Any healthy-ish and good recipes or snack ideas to share?

Happy birthday to my cousin and Straight Outta today!

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