Monday, September 13, 2021

TWTW - the one away in MA

Friday My alarm went off at the inhospitable time of 5:15. I was sitting in dead stop traffic on 95 by 6:20 after hitting snooze a few times, showering, and getting a DD iced; and had done my before 9 am Friday tasks and sat my ass on a plane by 8:35. Steve picked me up from the airport and I worked the afternoon at Kim's dining room table until she got home from work. We spent the late afternoon and early evening outside with wine, a nice breeze, and late day sun, then moved inside to freaking delicious Sicilian pizza and couch. I was asleep right before 11.

Saturday Started with barbies, coffee, selfies with emotive faces on demand, and crawling my big old ass in and out of a play castle. Kim and I took Libby to soccer and it was gorgeous out but freaking hot. Kim and I were together on September 11 in 2001 and not ever since. We met Kelly for a ladies who lunch late lunch at Earl's in Somerville and it was perfect. I hadn't seen Kelly in way too long, and the temps were just right for sitting outside with 407 different drinks, apps, and a hot chicken sandwich. We ran through CVS then headed home for couch and just being. It's a gift to sit around with each other as adults who live about seven hours apart. We never need to actually do anything, that is the doing.

Sunday All good things must come to an end. Breakfast was a delicious ham egg and cheese on an english muffin and Kim's sweet potato hashbrowns. It was time to leave before I knew it and I was deposited back at the airport at 11ish, got back to my car in Philly before 3, and to the shore by 4, encountering many assholes along the way who either forgot how to act in public or never knew how to act in public. It's been a long time since I did an asshole post since I have not been around a ton of people but I have quite a few entries amassed now. Anyhoo I put stuff away in the apartment, MFD arrived with the animals, I hit ACME, salads for dinner, some cleaning upstairs when last guests (returning long weekenders) for the year left at 8. 

I always love going up to visit my Boston fam. Thanks to Kim & Libby & Steve! I cannot believe Libby is five. So smart and silly and funny and wonderful. Kim and Steve are of course those things too LOL. Until next time.

This is the N95 mask I used to travel and it was super comfortable if anyone is in the market. It's not top of the line/medical grade but it served my purposes and was great for my claustrophobia that is exacerbated on planes. 

Show Us Your Books is tomorrow! See you back here for that. 

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