Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Using this time to make your home better this year and beyond

The global pandemic has caused a lot of chaos and has seen many of us stuck at home as part of lockdown measures. One of the big advantages of this is that it allows you to come up with home improvement ideas that can help you make the most of your home and transform it in a lot of different ways. Many of us, me included, are just looking to survive this winter, but I do always have a list in case I feel the ability or desire to be productive. My list almost always centers on my surroundings. 

When I think about what to do around the house, I always consider that there will be some things that I'm going to have to hire people to take care of, which might cause me to push those projects off and  actually help me re-prioritize what to do now. All of the things below can be done without help, with the exception of my mention of cabinet painting which you absolutely can do alone but I am choosing not to. 

Clear it out
Having a clear out and getting rid of clutter is one of the best things to do when you're relegated to being inside most of the time, which a lot of us will be come winter. Think about how much lighter everything will feel when you're not surrounded by crap you don't need. Best of all, de-cluttering is free. And if you're getting rid of stuff, organizations like Vietnam Vets are taking donations again, and I think after spring we've all learned the beauty of the contactless porch pickup for stuff given away freely or purchased. 

Kitchen Refit
Think about how you use your kitchen, and if it's not functional in any way, move entire cabinets around. Bring in storage furniture from other rooms. Make it how it works best for the way you use it, because we're all in there more, cooking more, and eating more. I have hated our kitchen cabinets for years, so we're having them painted next week, and we'll make ourselves scarce for that. 

Trading Spaces
There are quite a few conversions you could look to make in the home, such as a basement conversion or loft conversion. These can make a massive difference to the way the property comes across, as well as creating more space and adding value. The goal is always to make it better for you now while also improving the property for the future. We made a basement storage room into a combo spare bedroom and office at the beginning of the year and it was instrumental in my ability to work well at home in the spring. What use is space in your house if it's not serving you the way you need it to? 

Spruce up the Garden
Make sure you do as much as possible to spruce up the garden and make the right changes to help you create a fun and delightful outside space. This is another one that can be mostly free with the exception of your manual labor. See what you have laying around that can be used to spruce it up, and nothing beats a cleaned up space which you can do with just your hands and a few waste bags. 

Just some easy starts for ideas of what to do. I could think of a million more in my own house like painting the inside of closets and ceilings and trim. And maybe some rooms. Paint is a super easy and reasonable way to make changes. If you are looking for projects over the winter, start in small but easy ways to improve your space while also boosting your property appearance and value. 

Do you have any ideas to add to the list?

Thanks to our veterans today and every day. Honoring all who served. 

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