Monday, November 9, 2020

TWTW - the one with relief

Friday I killed it at work, and at lunch I returned Comcast boxes, picked up library books, dropped an old TV off at the recycling center, and picked up a few things from Target. I also started shifting my work so I walk now from 4-5 and then finish the day around 6. I gotta get that last hour of daylight in or I am not getting through this winter. I made dinner and MFD arrived around 8:30. It's the first time he's been at the shore in over a month.
Saturday We kicked things off at Dog Beach. Even Mae had fun. 

When we got home we heard the news that the new president has been named. You know me - I am fucking relieved. Relieved the election shit is over in general and for us forever. A Biden/Harris win does not solve all problems but it's a better starting point - read my other thoughts on that here. Bruce is feeling relieved too - bottom middle. We went down to the beach with B&B and they just wanted to sit on top of me. The weather was tremendous.
We ordered dinner from Luigi's and fell asleep on the couches upstairs in front of the Frank Sinatra documentary. I had the short loveseat. Let's talk about how good my night sleep was due to aforementioned relief despite that. 
Sunday Since we walked the dogs at 5:30, I hit the beach for sunrise and some shelling. Lots of seaglass. 
I painted my nails (Essie Sweater Weather) and read while MFD worked.
Then we took Gussie solo to the beach, thinking he'd be chill. He lay down exactly twice. I got about 10 minutes of reading in total. We came back to the house and fell asleep in front of the Frank Sinatra documentary again, then ordered dinner from Boyar's and finished it finally.

Happy birthday to my aunt Maria yesterday! 

Tomorrow is Show Us Your Books! See you here for that. 

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