Tuesday, November 17, 2020

5 reasons to drive less in winter

Yep, that’s right. Winter is approaching and it’s probably not going to be an easy one. With the pandemic still very much in swing, the colder months aren’t necessarily something to celebrate this year. On the plus side, the festive season is approaching, which always creates something to look forward to. 

Often, people find themselves driving more in winter, as they don’t want to spend as much time outdoors walking. However, this shouldn’t be encouraged. Why? Here are 5 reasons to drive less this winter.

More traffic

The roads are often busier in winter, with people driving home to their families and generally being more distracted. This means that you might spend hours in traffic and accidents are more likely. It’s important to always drive with caution, so if you’ve been affected by a car accident, you may wish to contact an Orlando car accident lawyer. And, if you can, try to avoid the roads altogether. By driving less, you’ll free up the roads for those who need them and make them safer for everyone.  

Dangerous roads

Alongside traffic, the roads can be dangerous in winter due to bad weather, depending on where you are in the world. Sure, no one wants to be walking around in a snowstorm. But you don’t want to be driving in one, either. Ice on the roads can be particularly treacherous, causing vehicles to skid and potentially causing a serious accident. Keep off the roads in dangerous weather and – if you simply must drive – try investing in some snow tires. It’s always a good idea to keep a shovel in your boot, too!

Environmental impact

Driving isn’t good for the environment. Cars release harmful emissions that increase ground-level ozone. While this happens all year round, the winter season sees an increase in environmental damage, with more people putting on central heating and sending each other gifts with a huge deal of plastic packaging (hello Christmas!). Everyone is responsible for looking after our planet, so do your bit and reduce the amount you drive during the winter months. 


During winter, we all tend to become a little less active. It’s only natural. Colder weather makes going outside less appealing, and we turn to hearty food for comfort. However, by cutting down on driving, you will increase your physical fitness. By simply walking to the grocery store or cycling to work, you’ll be healthier and happier. 


Driving can be expensive. There’s the cost of fuel and parking – and repairs become more likely the more you drive and wear your car out. During winter, you might find that you have added expenses, with the need to pay additional heating bills, along with festive celebrations approaching. Cutting down on driving will save money that can be spent elsewhere. 


This post was written with the Life According to Steph audience in mind.

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