Monday, November 16, 2020

TWTW - the one bumming around

Friday Started off re-filling my vitamins. Health, bitches. MFD got BLTs from Boyar's for lunch. Bruce had a vet appointment in the afternoon for his annual checkup. I worked a little late and made Jusy's chicken and buttery noodles. The perfect comfort food. 

Saturday A morning trip to Dog Beach was enjoyed by all. I let Gustard hijack my afternoon. I had plans to get things done, but when your 15+ year old dog just wants to lay on you, you take the cue and rest. MFD went fishing and when I disentangled from Gus, I ran errands to do a Target and Kohls pickup and also went into Aldi. I fell asleep on the couch reading. 

Sunday I ate mango like it was my job, relaxed, showered, and we went on a windy AF bike ride. I made breakfast burritos to freeze, read, did some purging and organizing, and ordered our Christmas cards. I had to cull the list a little this year. It happens. MFD packed up and took the senior dogs home for the week around 5, so it's just me and the best friend dogs until Friday. I finished A book, started another, and listened to the wind howl. 

Happy happy to my friend Melissa who celebrated her birthday Saturday. 

How was yours?

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