Monday, November 2, 2020

TWTW - the one with the family celebrations

Friday I worked until about 1, then we headed to my cousin's wedding. Everything was beautiful and I'm glad they could get married in this shitfire of a pandemic. We appreciated being at our own table spaced well away and masked in common areas when not eating or drinking or snapping a quick pic. If you can survive the sometimes stress of wedding planning quadrupled by a pandemic, you can probably survive everything. Congratulations Kristine & Walter! Thanks to Aubrey for being the lipstick holder and my family for a night filled with laughs in a time when I could really use them. 
Saturday I was not even in my first cup of coffee before campaign whirlwind descended. They finally all took off for the day and I hung with the dogs, ran to the store, checked out the amazing trees in my neighborhood like I do every year, and consoled Mae while MFD gave an interview in the living room. I made sweet and sour meatballs, a vat of onion dip, cut up veggies, and did laundry. 
I also packaged Halloween candy individually. We set up a little different this year but we were still out there giving out, masked up when close to the table. MFD did do his live pumpkin carving, decorated the railing and window literally at 6:30 pm, the dogs were window creeps and frantically trying to get to use in the driveway, and we hung out with our shared driveway neighbors so some things did not change. We were closed up by 9 and watched The Witches of Eastwick, which I love. 

Sunday Freaking Bruce was up at 4:42 due to DST. I never went back to sleep, but I did lay down and rest for a while. I tried to read but kept getting distracted. I've been reading the same book for over a week. I painted my nails (Zoya Indigo) and caught a half hour of a Northeast Anti-Racism call before heading into my Dad & Carol's for tacos and memory and cake for my Dad's birthday.

Which is today. Happy birthday Dad! Love you so much, thank you for being who you are in general and who you are as a Dad to me, specifically. 

Everyone else out there - have you voted or do you have a voting plan for tomorrow? People's lives are literally on the line and I need you to make a plan to vote if you have not. To those of you out there who are stressed the fuck out right now. I get it. I am literally living inside of a smaller Election in the shadow of this Election of our lifetimes. So I truly get it. Hang in there. We're going to be okay. 

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