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6 Home Improvements To Make This Summer And How To Ensure They Run As Smoothly As Possible

Not my house...Peace Valley Lavender Farm in Doylestown, PA

Now that warmer weather is starting to make an appearance and summer is creeping up on us, it's time to start thinking about home improvements. Whether it's getting your home ready for grilling and BBQs and gatherings or just setting up your place to make the most out of the warm weather - summer is the perfect time for home renovations. Less rain, more light at night to work, and the perfect weather...let's do this.

6 Home Improvements You Can Make This Summer
- Give Your Yard and Garden a Summer Makeover

The first and most obvious place in which to work is your garden and yard because you're outside so much more in the summer season. Whether you're out in the yard with the kids or hosting a BBQ for fam and friends, the yard and garden must be prepared. Is it safe? Is it an enjoyable place to spend time?

If you look out and see too much work, it might be worth bringing someone in to do the heavy lifting and get rid of overgrowth and hanging trees. Although landscaping is a lot more expensive in comparison doing it yourself, it could give your outdoor space the boost you need to fall in love with it all over again. If you're going to do a straight up renovation and need tips and tricks, check out this site here. Maybe it's just adding new rocks or mulch or switching out your cushions. That took us years because they're so pricey but it was so worth it to freshen everything up. 

- Create a Communal Space for Gatherings and Parties

If you're planning on hosting a lot of summer gatherings, consider making the communal area closest to your outdoor entry more people friendly. Mats to save your floors, a place to store your citronella candles and bug spray, etc.

- Change Up Your Accessories for a Sunnier Feel

If you're on a budget but you still want to give your home a fresh feel for summer, change up your accessories to reflect the season. One of the best ways to refresh your home without the cost is to swap accessories every time the season arrives. Whether it's swapped wall art, fresh pillow covers, candles with seasonally appropriate scents, bright dish towels, or different sets of flowers, it's amazing how much difference small changes actually make. I always shop my house and switch wall decor out between rooms to save money. I also move to lighter quilts that I move between rooms too. For more inspiration on how to create summer decor, check out this pinterest board

- Renovate Your Kitchen or Bathroom 

If you're ready to bring out the big guns on the renovation front, you may want to consider a kitchen or bathroom renovation. This is infinitely more work and money than most other home improvements, it will definitely be worth it both in use of spaces and in resale value down the line. With a kitchen or bathroom renovation, you must think about a number of different things before you get started. Do you need to hire help? Will you need a plumber? What design and features do you want to include? How long will the renovation take? How will you function without these vital spaces while they're under construction?

- Bring the Outside in With Some of the Season's Best Flowers

Another inexpensive way to improve your home during the summer months is to bring some of the outside in. This means looking at what some of the season's best flowers are and incorporating them into your home in a way that suits you. Whether that means looking after your first ever houseplants or buying a fresh bouquet every week (if you're near a Produce Junction, you can get gorgeous flowers under $5) , you will love the difference it can make. If you have flowers you can snip and bring in, then free is even cheaper. I do that with my hydrangeas a lot. 

- Upcycle Your Old Furniture to Bring it Back to Life

One of the best ways to give your home an entirely new look and feel without the cost is to upcycle any unwanted furniture you have. Give it a fresh coat of paint or completely renovate it for a new purpose. Upcycling is incredibly affordable and so easy to do. I've done it with a lot of furniture at the shore. I love when everything old is new again. 

How To Ensure Your Home Improvements Run Smoothly 

- Make Sure You're Setting Yourself A Budget You Can Stick To

One of the most important aspects of home renovations is setting a budget. This means not only thinking about what your overall budget is going to be but thinking about how much each individual aspect is going to cost you. Think about hiring help, materials and any extras you may need. Need advice when it comes to setting a budget?  

- Plan Everything Out Well In Advance

If you’re going to be carrying out home improvements it’s important you’re planning everything out in advance. There are so many different things you need to consider before you get started, so writing things down and creating a detailed plan will help ensure you don’t run into any errors.

- Don't Be Afraid To Ask A Professional For Help

While it's nice to feel as though you can do absolutely anything, the reality is you can’t. Whether it’s hiring an electrician or plumber or even an interior designer -if it's not in your wheelhouse, hire some help. 

- Shop Around When it Comes To Buying Materials And Equipment 

If you’re going to buying all of your materials and equipment personally, you must shop around for the best possible prices. Go to different stores and price things out online. You want quality items that will last. 

- Don't Rush Into Things 

When it comes to making home improvements it’s easy to get carried away and think you can do everything. The best thing to do to ensure you don’t make any mistakes in your excitement is to leave it for a couple of days before you start anything. Please note, that is not the way I do things. I jump in and don't look back. But not rushing into it is probably the way to go. I do schedule out improvements especially at the shore because we have to be doing something every weekend in order to be ready for rental season. 

At home we've changed out the outdoor cushions and gotten rid of our rusted out grill. The yard is mostly cleaned up but still needs work, and planting of the front garden will happen in mid-May. At the shore my dad is going to change out the faucet in the bathroom and fix the outdoor shower door. I need to finish contact papering the bathroom and changing out bedding and MFD has to power wash in May and paint the ceiling in the main house.

What's on your home improvement agenda this summer? 

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