Thursday, November 19, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - we can go out driving on slow hand row

1. It's me.

2. As typical of this time of year, I've increased my sponsored post acceptance. That's where the bulk of my end of year charitable donations come from, so if you are annoyed about sponsored posts, tell it to someone who cares. So many organizations and people in dire, dire need this year. 

3. I killed it Monday AND Tuesday AND Wednesday. This is rare in Coronaland, to operate at such a high level not for just one day, but three in a row. Unheard of for me. Hashtag grateful. Not grateful for...

4. I'm also grateful to be off next week, and to spend it with my Dad and Carol, Stephen & Aubrey, and the kids. We've all locked ourselves down and weighed risk and reward, and we're under that magic number NJ allows to gather. There are definitely people out there wilding out and giving no shits who never stopped throwing parties and refuse to wear or wear masks below noses etc, but most people out there are weighing risk and reward just like I am. Judgement is rife on the internet again as numbers go up and people seem to feel they are the only people doing it right. Literally everyone I know is like, "I can't believe people are doing this, the only thing I've done is insert something here that I am definitely not comfortable doing like outdoor dining but they think is totally fine." Do I think you're doing it wrong because you have weighed risk and reward on “approved” activities and chosen differently than I have? No. I have given up pretty much everything to see a very small number of people, safely and well planned in advance, throughout the year. Are you being careful and honest, wearing your mask and washing your fucking hands? Okay. That's the shit I care about. Our country did the wrong thing at every turn and here we fucking are. I am not into making each other's lives even more miserable by being shitty on the internet. The only thing I'm judgmental about is wearing a mask in public around other people. Otherwise send your kid to school/keep them home, have lunch outside to network/do zoom, let kids do sports/don't, see a small crew honestly about exposure/see no one, order groceries/go to the store, dine out/do curbside pickup, go back to the gym/keep working out at home, be out in the world as safely as you can/never leave your house...whatever fits your risk and reward in the current parameters for where you live, you have to do the best for you and your family and I don't know what that looks like for you because I don't live your life. I get that we are all connected through this but it is still true that worrying about yourself is a full time job and we could stand to mind other people less. Believe me, I have ENDLESS rage surrounding this pandemic, but it is ALL aimed at the federal government, especially the shitstain outgoing president who has people thinking this is a hoax or not that bad when 240,000+ people have died; and Congress who gave people fucking crumbs of $1200 or less one time and let extra unemployment lapse. They should all lose their fucking jobs. It is a fucking disgrace and absolutely fucking awful that the lack of a cohesive federal response from the start has left citizens to make so many hard decisions and pit them against each other and scientists so NO, I do not have any energy to spare about someone eating Thanksgiving with a few of their loved ones they have discussed parameters/precautions/etc with before or people saying no to everything and staying home for Thanksgiving. You don't know if people have isolated, tested, etc - we are all so up in each other's business that we're making this even harder. They should have shut this country the fuck down in the spring and paid people to stay home and paid small businesses to stay closed. January cannot come soon enough. This idiot impeached one-term two-time loser of the popular vote president refusing to transition just delays getting two vaccines planned for distribution and a handle on this fucking virus. As long as it rages, your economy has no hope. Why are people still supporting this idiot? I have no words for people who don't know the election is fucking over. Or people who can't recognize that they are not the only ones doing it right. Do you know how you sound? The lot of you. Also can we get our nurses some fucking hazard pay? 

5. But your dogs eat asparagus? Look at Bruce.
6. Bruce is that coworker who does whatever the F he wants. 
7. We'll head back to the beach today probably. The insane winds kept us inside yesterday. How happy am I that I got baseboards installed in all of my bathrooms? I will not be happy with the electric bill, but still. 
8. I painted my nails Tuesday night (Essie Warm & Toasty Turtleneck)...after I cut my nail bag open like an ogre because the zipper was stuck. Why am I like this? 

9. Reminder

10. Ecards - I swear I have four of these dogs.

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Rikki Don't Lose that Number by Steely Dan - at the bottom of my choices when it comes to Steely Dan, but it was on

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