Monday, November 23, 2020

TWTW - the one to kick off Thanksgiving week

Friday I vacuumed and mopped the second floor of the house and my apartment at lunch, stripped the couch covers, finished out the work day, and ordered dinner from my favorite Luigi’s as they were closing Saturday for the season. I read and MFD arrived with the old dogs four hours later than he was supposed to. 

Saturday I was at the laundromat by around 7:15. I hate the expense of the laundromat but I surely appreciate doing seven loads of laundry in just over an hour. MFD picked up breakfast sandwiches and when he was done his work in the house removing air conditioning units etc I vacuumed and mopped the main floor. I took Mae down to the beach solo for girls’ day. The weather was superb. My dad and Carol arrived and we hung on the porch and they got us dinner from another favorite Jon & Patty’s. MFD ordered a damn moonpod and that was a big hit and point of hilarity
Sunday The sunrise was phenomenal. 
I got a pedicure (Essie Merino Cool) and finished a book. My brother and Aubrey and the kids arrived. They got us Boyar’s BLTs for lunch, I made a big batch of chili, we hit the beach with the best friend dogs in the afternoon, and Stephen and Aubrey moved an old decrepit dresser down all the flights and a new to us/hand me down from Dad & Carol all the way up. I was in my lair starting a new book before 8.  
Happy birthday Queen Gween! Love you! 

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