Tuesday, November 17, 2020

4 Ways to Make Your Room Smell Fresh

When you enter your bedroom for the night, you want to walk into a fresh space instead of one that smells dingy and stuffy. Moreover, a room that smells bad might very well be one in which the air quality is poor. This can make it difficult to sleep as dust, and small particles in the air can affect your ability to breathe properly. 

If you notice that your room doesn’t smell as fresh as it should, there are a few things that might be the culprit. It also might just very well be time for you to give your room a much-needed deep clean. 

Here are four things that you can do that will help your room to smell fresh and clean so that you can relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

1. Clean Your Mattress
The first thing that you should start with might very well be the most difficult thing in your room to clean. You might be tempted to simply invest in a new one if you find that your mattress is preventing your room from smelling fresh; however, this can be expensive and unnecessary, especially if your mattress is less than eight years old.

Instead of breaking the bank with a new mattress purchase, you can try giving your mattress a good cleaning on your own. If the issue is worse than one that a simple scrub can fix, though, then you will want to call in the experts. Professional mattress cleaning is a simple way to have your mattress freshened up and smelling like new.

2. Shampoo the Carpets
If you have carpets in your room, this might very well be the source of your stinky problems. Carpets, like any other fabric, can easily trap dust, dirt, and debris that can end up making your space smell bad and make the air quality in your room poor. You can always purchase or rent a machine that you can use to shampoo your carpets, but if the problem is a bigger one than that, you can always have a professional company come in and tackle the cleaning for you.

3. Air Your Room Out 
From time to time, the air in your room might just need to be freshened up a bit. You can air out your room by opening the windows for a few minutes every day or so. This can help move the dust in the air through the room and replace it with fresh, clean air. If it isn’t a particularly breezy day, you can always open up with windows on the other side of the house as well to create a through breeze.

4. Wash the Bedding
One of the simplest things you can do to freshen up your room is to wash the bedding. You should look to wash your sheets at least once every week or two and wash your duvet cover as well. You can also hang your duvet out on a line on a windy day to help freshen it up as well.

Maggie Hammond writing for you today: Proud mama to two little people, and has one too many furry friends. Passionate about alternative medicine, education, the great outdoors and animal welfare.

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