Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Three Things - August

Songs that make me think of high school
-Hey Jealousy by Gin Blossoms
-Stay by Lisa Loeb
-No Rain by Blind Melon

Things I like to give
-Compliments. I don't make them up to have something to say, but if I admire something I don't hold it in even if I don't know someone
-Encouragement, the world has enough critics
-hell to people who deserve it

Things I like to receive
-All the information I need if I'm doing something for you
-iced coffee
-recommendations on reusable/sustainable items

Things I hate that many people like
-Podcasts and audiobooks. And no, recommending one you really like will not change my mind. I've tried. I listened to the first season of Serial and while I liked the content, I had to force it. I've tried podcasts by people I know and like The Broad Review and Influenced: The Podcast. I even did a podcast with Jana that I never listened back to. I just don't like listening to talking when I'm not in conversation. I listened to Michelle Obama's book and while I loved the content and her reading it the whole time I was wishing I read it instead.
-Cheeseburgers. I love cheese, but not on burgers or on sandwiches in general.

Clothes I find uncomfortable aside from jeans and heels which I have mentioned 4092348 times
-crew neck tees (all vee all the time)
-khaki/twill pants or shorts
-sandals that have straps (t-straps okay, ankle coming up from the back or across the foot no)

Things I love seeing other people post
-Dorm room move in & first day of school pictures
-Links to things they love (not necessarily things that have to be bought, more like recipes, ways of doing things, books)
-Anything socially conscious - a problem in the world and what they're doing to combat it in some small way

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