Monday, August 19, 2019

TWTW - the one deep in the rhythm of shore life

Friday I spent my lunch hour driving to the shore, finished out the work day, rode my bike to the library to pick up holds, visited with favorite guests upstairs and got a saved parking spot and ice cream cake from them, then went up to the beach and had a piece of pizza on the boardwalk. I was up reading until 12:30.

Saturday Freaking dogs got up at 4:45. MFD arrived early and weed whacked the neighbor's abandoned house. Turnover was easy breezy with sham change outs and moving bedding around being my favorite part as usual. I got awesome gifts from leaving guests, greeted new returning guests that we also love, and spent the afternoon whiling away the time on the North End beaches: reading, looking up at the sky, sitting in tide pools, and knowing I didn't have to do a damn thing at night. We ate at home, I painted my nails (OPI If You Moust, You Moust), and fell out around 11. 
Sunday We took the dogs to Dog Beach before 7 am and they loved it. Bruce went fully into the ocean for the first time and Gus was charging in like he was a puppy instead of nearly 14 years old. They loved Maximus the eight month old rottweiler. They did not love getting baths when they got back. Gus was furious and headed towards West Avenue at a steady clip. I started a new book while MFD was doing that. MFD fixed a toilet problem up in the house, then we headed to North Wildwood to see his mom. We got salads and smoothies for lunch on the way back and walked the dogs. Around 2 I realized I wasn't going to get home that night so I relaxed for a bit and went up to the boardwalk around 6:45. We tried the lobster rolls I’ve been wanting to try all summer and people watched on a bench. We watched Fight Club and went to sleep around 11:30. 
Weekly food prep: Breakfast is vanilla greek yogurt with mango granola and blueberries. Lunch is hard boiled eggs, bell peppers, olives, and some salami (bento boxes forever). Snacks are kiwi and cucumbers. Dinners are pasta with lemon, oil, and broccoli that I never made last week and zucchini taco boats. I'm not sure what else. 

I ate too much candy and slept shitty for it and 5 am came early this morning. I got home in time to put the trash and recycles out, pull homemade veggie meat sauce out of the freezer, and throw a load of laundry in before getting dressed and heading to the train. I did not remember to brush my hair or bring my reusable coffee cup, so...

How was yours? 

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