Sunday, August 4, 2019

6 Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Excel in School

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend has been superb. Beth, who is a Life According to Steph reader that teaches second grade and moms for a living, sent me this article she whipped up to share as everyone with kids turns their attention towards back to school at some point in August, later or now depending on where you live in the country. Thank you Beth! 

Helping your child to excel in school can be attributed to a variety of practices. It can mean making sure they get a good night’s sleep so they are ready to take on the day. It can also mean making sure they eat a nutritious, filling breakfast so that they can concentrate when they arrive at school.
Outside of the physical care of a child though, it’s also a good idea to incorporate learning methods your child will find fun. Below, you’ll find six fun suggestions that could potentially help your kids to excel in school. Take a look:

1. Read To and With Them
Helping your child to develop a love of reading can be a lot of fun for both of you. Get into the habit of reading with them every day, even if just for a short while. If they can read to you, take it in turns. Ideally, you should start as early on as possible, as this can help them to appreciate good writing and be able to pick up context clues. Reading helps with all kinds of skills, from writing their own stuff to communicating in general.

2. Set An Example With Your Own Learning
If you can concentrate on your own learning and set an example for your kids, then that’s a great way to encourage them to excel. Monkey see monkey do really does have some truth in it, so show them that you also care about your learning and self development by learning new skills in front of them and talking about learning.

3. Allow Your Child To Follow Their Passion
If your child seems to have a love for something, whether that’s art, English, or maths, let them follow it. Let them talk about it, do Cazoom maths quizzes at home, and really help them to nurture the passion. You might think that other studies and subjects will be neglected, but this won’t be the case. Having passions from such an early age and getting kids excited about subjects is amazing!

4. Play As Many Games As Possible
Various games can teach kids all kinds of lessons: Clue for their process of elimination skills, Monopoly for skills with numbers and decision making, and so on, so break out those board games and have fun playing..

5. Make Sure Your Child Knows How To Switch Off And Relax
Teaching your child to shut down can be vital in improving their ability to switch on at the right times. Simple breathing exercises or even basic meditation can have a powerful impact on the ability to learn. It’s much better to teach them the skill of calming their minds rather than letting them sit in front of the TV. Look into Yoga and meditation for young people and you’ll be teaching them valuable skills for life.

6. Let Their Imaginations Run Wild 

Let your child write poems and stories. Let them make things and draw pictures. Allow them to use their imaginations as often as possible. Don’t correct them if they draw the sky green or the sea pink, simply ask them why they made that decision. You want to encourage them to let imagination flow, rather than force them to stick to reality.

Thanks for the opportunity to share six easy and fun things to do at home to help kids excel in school!

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