Tuesday, August 6, 2019

How to be a Supportive Partner After An Accident

Wednesday! How are we friends? Recently I was talking to Lindsay from Bourbon & Lipstick about being a supportive partner after an accident/surgery the other day and had bad flashbacks to MFD's accident a few years ago when he was off his foot for 12 weeks...the longest 12 weeks of my life...and how fortuitous that Maggie is here today with this article. Speaking of Lindsay, check out her post on Bourbon & Lipstick today about skin routines at every age - I volunteered mine to be included.

And speaking of Maggie, Maggie Hammond is a retired nurse and freelance writer, exploring and writing in the U.S. in retirement. An advocate for public health and nursing qualifications, she feels passionate about raising awareness of the current strain on public health organisations.

Suffering from the consequences of an accident is a trying time for both the person involved and their close friends and family, particularly their partners. You will want to support your partner as best as you can following an accident, so here are a few things you can do to help.

Exercise patience
The impact of an accident, especially one that has resulted in debilitating injuries, can be significant. The individual may no longer be able to carry out certain tasks as quickly, or even at all. It is also likely to have an effect on their mental health, and they may be suffering from negative thoughts and seeking an outlet for their irritation. As their partner, the chances are that it will mainly fall on you to pick up the shortfall during the recovery process and be a sounding board for their outbursts.

Much like nurturing a child’s development, it can be frustrating having to pick up after people or wait while they try to accomplish tasks by themselves and reclaim some of their independence. It can be challenging not to retaliate to heated words or negativity. The recovery process can be slow, but you must remain patient.

Offer encouragement and motivation to your partner, and continue to support and facilitate their independence. Remind yourself that even though it took them half an hour to get dressed, they managed to do it themselves. That may be a massive step for them and one that should be praised, even if made you a little late to the doctor’s appointment.

Don’t let money bring you down
It is no secret that an accident, especially one which results in a loss of earnings, will add financial pressures. Finances are often a source of strain, even in relationships unaffected by injury. Don’t let it come between you and your partner. If they used to manage the bills and handle the accounts, then this may be something you will now need to take on, and you may have to manage your new budget better. If circumstances allow you to work together on this, then even better.

Don’t forget that there are services out there designed to help financially. Personal injury solicitors such as The Compensation Experts can support families through the challenges of post-injury life; that is what they are there for. You should not be too proud to seek out their help and advice.

Take care of yourself
Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help, or too proud to accept it. Friends and family can help to support you and your partner and take the pressure off you both and free up time to recover emotionally. Whether you seek out downtime that you and your partner can share, to distract from injury and allow you to enjoy each other’s company; or you take a little time out with friends for coffee and a chat, make sure you don’t forego all of life’s little joys.

It may feel selfish but don’t give up your favorite hobbies and still make sure you take time out for yourself, even if it is just for an hour. Your partner needs your support and for you to be strong for the both of you, and you can’t take care of someone else if you fail to take care of you.


Any tips to add on how to be a supportive partner post-injury? MFD was not able to bear weight on his leg for 12 weeks. A backpack and hoodie to move food from kitchen to living room, a recliner, and a shower chair were big helps.

Happy birthday to Marla at Luck Fupus and Uncle Jim today!

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