Monday, August 26, 2019

TWTW - the last one in August

Friday I walked Bruce and Bender, drove them to Dog Beach to frolic for a half hour, got coffee at Drip N Scoop, unpacked, ran an errand, showered, and was working before 8 am. Boom shaka laka. I visited my mother in law in North Wildwood and hit the store at lunch. After work I lounged around reading inside and on the porch as it rained. Freaking Rite Aid had a bunch of stuff 50-70% off so I made out there. MFD arrived with Gus and Mae close to 9 and then headed off to see his Mom. 

Saturday The dogs were up before 6, then lounging on me or my bags. Our leaving guests that I love left us awesome gifts and will be returning. We did turnover for the last  weekly rental of the season - replacing door knobs and air filters and the regular jazz and opened the windows for the first time since June. We have some weekend rentals coming up but this week is the last weekly and we’ve already started booking for 2020. MFD went fishing and to a fundraiser while I hit our beach then came home and painted my nails (OPI Cajun Shrimp). At night we went people watching on the boardwalk. 

Sunday MFD was up early to do the dog walking. I lingered in bed until 8, then we packed up and drove over to Dog Beach where we spent almost two hours getting sand blasted.  It’s the first time we brought chairs and attempted to stay there. The dogs were tired AF, Mae was furious, we saw a dog rescue in the ocean, Gus refused to sit down at all, and everyone is like omg you have four dogs?
The sand storm and hanger drove us back home. Everyone relaxed and ate, I did a bit of blogging and banking, then MFD went fishing and I got a pedicure (OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!). I went to the library, then we picked up dinner and visited with my mother in law in North Wildwood. We got ice cream at Kessel’s Korner on the way home and I was asleep by 11:30.

Weekly food prep: Breakfast is vanilla greek yogurt with mango granola. Lunch is peanut butter and banana on whole wheat tortilla wraps. Snacks are peaches and plums. Dinners are pasta with lemon, oil, and broccoli that I never made the last two weeks and soft tacos. 

How was yours? Happy birthday to my friend Jill who celebrated Saturday!

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