Sunday, August 18, 2019

5 Reasons to Visit Plano, TX

For most people, a vacation in Texas will usually focus on a small handful of cities - with Dallas, Austin, and Houston perhaps the most well-known of all. However, if you’re looking for a vacation that is a little more unusual - but still capable of delivering a fantastic overall experience - then Plano, which is around 30 minutes north of Dallas, could well be the perfect choice. Here’s five reasons to include Plano in your future travel plans.

#1 - The downtown area

Downtown Plano has developed an incredible reputation, and there’s so much to see, do, and enjoy if you choose to visit. The entire downtown area was destroyed in a fire during the 19th century, but has since risen to provide unique shops, incredible attractions, and historic buildings and sites of note that will keep you entertained for days on end. 

#2 - The food 

Like many cities, Plano has a number of nicknames - but if incorporating fantastic dining experiences into a vacation is a crucial consideration for you, then there’s one nickname that will stand out: “Foodie City”. You’ll have your pick of all kinds of options, so whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience or want to sample the best street tacos in Plano, TX, there will always be something exciting - and of course delicious! - for you to try. 

#3 - The special events


Visiting Plano at a specific time of year can provide the opportunity to enjoy one of the many special events the city can provide. There’s usually something going on all year round, but perhaps the most notable of all is the Plano Balloon Festival; you can admire the hot air balloons, marvel over the stunts of the sky diving teams, enjoy performances from local bands and much more over the course of a weekend in September each year. Alternatively, visiting in May provides the chance to attend ASIAFEST (which is dedicated to celebrating Asian culture and heritage), or choose October so you can visit the Plano International Festival.

#4 - The arts and culture scene

The arts and culture scene in Plano is something to behold, covering a wide array of options that should suit every taste. You could catch a performance of the Plano Symphony Orchestra, tour an exhibition at the Art Centre of Plano, visit the celebrate Heritage Farm Museum, and much more besides during your time in the city. 

#5 - The parks and natural beauty

There are over 70 different parks in Plano, so if you want to retreat and immerse yourself in natural beauty, then you’ll never be short of options while visiting the city. Haggard Park is a particular highlight; in addition to the lush green spaces, you’ll also be able to explore the fascinating Interurban Railway Museum during your visit. Alternatively, the Arbor Hills Nature Reserve offers fantastic trails, picnic areas, a playground for kids, and plenty of trees that both enhance the look of the park and provide much-needed shade on hot days.

In conclusion

As the above points demonstrate, the wonders that Plano offers to its visitors ensures that any vacation spent in the city will be a fantastic experience from beginning to end! 

This post was written for the Life According to Steph audience

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