Friday, December 15, 2017

Three Things - December

Three food items I always have around in December
Prima Donna Gouda from DiBruno Brothers
Summer sausage or some type of not good for you dried meat

Three things that make me love people
When they follow their path and don't give a fuck about naysayers
Mass mobilizing to help strangers in times of duress, like natural disasters
Cleverness: making up wickedly funny memes or twitter accounts like Roy Moore's Horse or taking things like covfefe and running with them

Three things that make me hate people
When they stand at the top or bottom of stairs or block doorways/escalators/any entrance/egress point
When they think they have a say over someone else's vagina and what she does with it

Three Christmas songs I listen to the most
Last Christmas by Wham
Fairytale of New York by The Pogues
What Christmas Means to Me by Stevie Wonder

Three most recent Amazon purchases
Chalkboard contact paper
Spigen iPhone 8 Plus Case
Five metal wire stands

Three most recent book purchases
Last Breath by Karin Slaughter
Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino
The Crush by Sandra Brown

Three most recent e-book purchases
Comfort & Joy by Kristin Hannah ($2.99)
Next of Kin (Detective Buddy Lock Mysteries) by James Tucker ($3.99)
Christmizvah and Other Stories of Holiday Angst by Damien Galeone ($2.99)

Three things I'll do before the end of 2017 because I want to
Catch the Wanamaker light show
Figure out what size prints I need to redo some of the photos in frames around the house
Make my ritual 12/31 donations to charity

Three things I'll do before the end of 2017 because I have to
Clear out the spare bedroom
Reorganize my electronic files at work
Put an end to my See Food diet

Three words of the year for 2018 if I was a person who chose words of the year

Now you go.

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  1. Last Christmas is my favorite song! I'm on the see food diet as well LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. I was just coming here to comment this because everyone judges me for loving a sad Christmas song about heartbreak but I LOVE IT.

      Also yes to #IMPEACH.

  2. There are few things in this life that make me internally rage like people standing at the bottom/top of stairs and particularly escalators because like, the people behind you are still moving and there's no where to go, how dumb are you?!

  3. If you ask my three year old "What do you get if you whine?" He answers "Nothing"

  4. I frickin' love shrimp cocktail around the holidays!
    Roy Moore's Horses' twitter account is amazing. I loved the interaction with the Wolf account. Hahaha!

  5. I have been making so many things with shrimp lately!

  6. Salt. LOLOLOL. (I don't know if it's food salt or road salt or being salty but they all make me LOL)

    I think I want to take Erica to that light show at some point. I think she'd love it.

  7. Oh that Roy Moore's Horse Twitter account is pure gold. I love shrimp (and all seafood) this time of year, too.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  8. Ah... Last Christmas by Wham! What a classic! I like that one, too. I dislike the sugary, bubblegum remakes I've heard lately.

  9. Let's make IMPEACH happen.... unlike fetch. I like that idea. ;)

  10. Your 3 words. I hear that.
    How he's lasted this long, I have no idea

  11. Didn't know that Roy Moore's horse has twitter but I'm clearly missing out. I've been too busy watching Luke Skywalker take on Ted Cruz. I love twitter.


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