Friday, June 21, 2013

Mawwiage is What Bwings us Togeva Today

Nothing says wedding like a good luck charm, Mister T stance and pug buttholes, am I right? Incidentally, the title of this post was my facebook status the morning of my wedding.

We have so many weddings coming up in the next year, it makes me think back on mine. That, the fact that I didn't have a blog when we got married, and linking up a day late and a dollar short with Holly and Mel for their wedding day shebang gives me an excuse to share a lot of wedding photos. Even though it's my blog and I don't need an excuse. I do what I want.

Location, Location, Location
We got married at the Deauville Inn in Strathmere, NJ. Because it was casual and beachy and because of this view, basically. This backdrop? This sunset on our wedding day? You can't beat it.
We kept it simple, 274 of our friends and family stood around and watched us get married with drinks in hand. The attire was casual and we urged people to dress comfortably and wear flip flops. And I arrived on a boat, bitches. Thanks to Captain Bill for getting me there, for stopping short on purpose and giving me and my maid of honor an oh shit we're going overboard moment that you and my dad shared a good laugh over, and for the sun breaking through so majestically on the way to the wedding site.
I was not the girl who grew up dreaming of her wedding day, so there was no blush and bashful for me. Navy I guess?  Here are some wedding things in lieu of colors. As you can see by the ketchup and mustard on the tables, we had a barbecue on the beach. We are not fancy people. We like to have a good time, no muss no fuss. Five dollar colored glass lanterns from The Christmas Tree Shoppe were plopped in the center of each table, surrounded by some shells and a photo of us. Tables were named after shore towns. I was obsessed with personalized wedding matches that I still use three years later.
First Dance Song
MFD picked this, and it was a surprise. It was Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel. It is very bizarre to be dancing in front of all of those people. I hate being the center of attention. I am the polar opposite of MFD.

It's not MFD's wedding without Mummers. We had friends play from six different bands I think? It was a lot of fun. Not sure what the Mummers are? Click here.
Bridal Party, AKA Framily
We were all at the shore on Friday and did most of our pics then. One of my favorite pics ever is on the right of MFD and I with our bridal party in the distance behind us walking to the beach.
Of course we had our dogs in the wedding. Do you know us? And of course we had people climb on stilts and do Mr. Miyagi Karate Kid poses. And of course we gave a bunch of drunks sparklers and told them to have at it at the rehearsal dinner. 
We really had the best time. There was no asshole ruiner in the bridal party that everyone wanted to junk punch.
We called the whole thing a wedcation. We came to the beach the Saturday before we got married and left the Saturday after. We lounged on the beach with the dogs, went out to eat, walked to bars, had dinner with friends who were down the week before, enjoyed the company of family and friends over our wedding weekend, hung out with friends who were down the week after, went to AC with friends, got some spa treatments and lobster in Cape May, did a bit of shopping, did a lot of resting and relaxing, frolicked on empty beaches and saw fabulous sunsets. I wouldn't trade it for anything. After going through the whole wedding prep and the long wedding day and utter exhaustion after, the last thing I can imagine doing is dragging my worn out ass on a plane with a set of freshly packed luggage. We saved the exotic destinations for years that followed. 
The only thing I'd do differently is to wear a short dress. That dress made it hard to maneuver in the sand. Otherwise, let's do it again! For free if possible. Anyone want to foot the bill this go round? Anyone? Bueller?

Something I Suggest You Do
Trash your dress the day after. 
Advice to You Fiance Knowleses out There
Everything we did reflected who we are as a couple, and I'm still really happy about that nearly three years later. I'm pretty sure I'll be pleased as punch about that for my entire life. I think it's really important to make sure your wedding day reflects the two of you, not what you're supposed to do or what someone else wants you to do. Also:
1. Don't worry about the small things. 
2. If something goes wrong, you're the only one who will notice. 
3. Whoever is there is who is supposed to be there. Whoever is not is not. If someone can't attend, it's not personal. 
4. You can't invite the entire world, and anyone who is offended that they weren't invited has no concept of per head costs. 
5. Think about the amount of money you are spending on one day, and make sure it's not going to make you cringe for years to come. 
6. It's your special day, sure. But it's also a special day for everyone who knows you. Let others share your joy. Don't say "IT'S MY DAY" in a borderline hysterical voice because everyone will talk shit about you if you do. 
7. Edited to add advice from a dear friend: "Make sure you don’t marry someone with a case of the Anthony Weiners." Which made me laugh and laugh but seriously, TRUTH. Sexters don't make good mates. 
What did you love about your wedding? What's your advice to those getting married soon?

Most photos courtesy of Photos by Lily. Local PA/NJ people, check her out.

Linking up with

Mel at 4Kottez and Holly at Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally for Wedding Details


  1. First comment again today, boom!

    I don't feel so bad about the size of our wedding now since you had 274! Yours looks so fun! I thought about linking up but yesterday but never got it together. Maybe I'll save a wedding post for our anniversary in August.

    Almost two years later and I don't even know exactly how much we paid and I don't want to know. Thank god for generous parents.

    My biggest regret has to do with john's sister. She got married 34 days before us and the entire year of planning was an effing drama fest. If I could go back and do it again, I might have waited until the next year to get married to avoid all that BS.

  2. This is awesome. What a great day! This is exactly what I want on my wedding day: casual, friends, family and navy blue! :)

  3. You were SMM!!!! I love all the photos, especially the trash the dress. You and MFD look so darm happy.

    And nothing make a wedding quite like pug buttonholes.

  4. I love it! :) It looks like you had a blast! Keep it simple!

    I love that the pugs were invited...and you can't be mad when they wanted pictures of their "best" sides taken...

  5. 274? Wow, that's awesome. It looks like an amazing day. I totally agree - the wedding has to reflect the couple and that's all that matters. I agree that dancing in front of a crowd is completely awkward. And those of us who got married pre-blogging should just take a week and write whatever we want about weddings. We need to document our memories, too!

  6. This is how a wedding should be! Fun, Family and Friends <3 and I love that you trashed your dress afterwards :)

  7. Love the title, love the post and love the advice!!! I think weddings that aren't overly thought are the best! Happy Friday!!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  8. What an awesome wedding!!! You looked fabulous! It also sounds like you had fun too!

  9. well this just looks fantastic. and love that the title of this post was the day of your wedding facebook status. so awesome.

  10. I love everything about this wedding! But my favorite part is the "no asshole" wedding party. I wish I could say I had that in my wedding, but I can't.

    I also loved that you trashed your dress! I wish I would have done that. womp. womp.

  11. It all looks so relaxed and fun!! I love it!

  12. So happy to be able to say I was there - it was such a fun time! I show everyone your trash the dress pics. They are simply awesome.

  13. Love the photos. Also, I don't know how i missed yesterday's post, but I'm pretty sure you were reading my mind. Happy Friday.

  14. Awww! I love this post! Made me smile. I so wish I had been brave enough to trash my dress the next day. How much fun that would be! Have a great weekend girl!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  15. i love beach weddings! i esp love the pic of your rings on that shell.

    i hate my work so much right now because i would have loved to have linked up about this! :(

  16. Perfection. You are absolutely correct: Don't be a Bridezilla, be yourself, have fun, and enjoy. Hell...I had so much fun, my mom had to make me leave or there wouldn't be enough people there to "see us off." Ain't love grand?

  17. Omgsh! I am watching that movie RIGHT NOW! Love it!

    Your wedding looks like it was so much fun! And I love that you did a trash the dress shoot!

  18. Sexsters don't make good mates!

    Your wedding looks like it was so fun! When you find someone to pay for another one, have them buy me a plane ticket too :)

  19. I would have loved to have had a beach wedding but we have no beach so instead we got married in a garden next to a castle. I was just giving similar advice to someone a few weeks ago, she was getting a little freaked about her wedding, it's really not worth going crazy for.
    On the exotic travels side, whenever you decide to cross the ocean I highly recommend Prague. It's one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world and your money will go a lot farther here. Example: $15 for a delicious dinner, and our beer is some of the best in the world (and the cheapest) $1.50 for a 1/2 liter glass. I'll give you the tour when you get here!

  20. You look beautiful and amazing. I loved this glimpse at your wedcation (which by the way is an awesome name for it).

    We actually got married twice (once for realsies with the legalness and all in Australia with ICs family and once with the real weddingness at my home in the US with both our families) - and while my angst and sadness has softened since the day neither is really want I wanted.

    They were both beautiful and fun, but neither of them screamed US

  21. Its like you knew I was already having wedding breakdowns because I find the whole thing RIDICULOUS and don't want to plan anymore. Yes, I've been a Fiance Knowles for 3 weeks and I'm already a spaz. So, thank you :)


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