Monday, June 10, 2019

TWTW - the one with my ladies

Friday I was like a kid on Christmas Eve Thursday night knowing my girlfriends were coming into town on Friday. I was up until after 1 am. When I got up Friday Laura was 10 minutes out. We went to Sunrise for breakfast and Drip n Scoop for a National Donut Day donut, then to the bike shop twice for the perfect color basket for my new bike - thanks Dad & Carol for the bike, MFD for assembly, and Laura for the basket. Then we went to the hardware store and she installed my new toilet seat in the apartment because she is handy like that. 
 Melissa arrived, then Kimmy Foo Foo, then Kim, then Angie, and we hit the beach. It was cold but we had beers and pizza and talked and saw a wedding and laughed so loud a single lady near us moved her spot well away. Melissa put out a spread when we got home like she's been doing since we were 16 and everyone else was just serving stolen booze at parties. 
Dinner was ordered from Randazzo's (also known as Babazio's and Rosario's), tasty sandwiches was the buzz phrase, hair was braided, and we talked, laughed, argued, and shouted about everything under the sun. I went down around midnight to get into bed and ended up reading until 3. 

Breakfast at sunrise again where Melissa worked her magic to get us a table in the shade. Kim went up to rest and the rest of us hit the beach, where she joined us later, but the real MVP was Laura's pop up tent. There were tremendous winds and blowing sand but she got it set up. She recruited me to help her fold it up and it was a hilarious shitshow put on in full display of the entire beach. I am still laughing about this. 
Post-beach snacking of the eight bags of tortilla chips we subsisted on for most of the weekend along with over 12 bottles of wine, Belmont cheering, more talking and laughing and lounging and of course hijinks - another set for the books. I swear at times it was like scenes from a movie with us all scrambling around ridiculously, telling stories, mixing up stories, and laughing. Always laughing.
Laura left after the Belmont Saturday, the Kims both left before 10 Sunday. I showered, started taking stuff downstairs and assembling a trunk full of recycles, packed up my own stuff, and then joined Melissa and Angie upstairs before they took off. Last minute paint touch ups as our first longer rental checks in tomorrow and I dropped books at the library and was on the road home by 1:30. 
I picked up london broil and corn on the way home and was greeted by ecstatic dogs - Bruce remained ecstatic for over an hour.

Weekly food prep: breakfast is breakfast burritos from the freezer. Lunch is tuna salad over spinach. Snacks are red grapes and bell peppers. Dinners are leftovers from Sunday and air fryer chicken, I think. I haven't decided what to thaw yet. 

There really is nothing like this weekend for me whether my life is going well or not well. When you have been constant friends for over 29 years through good and bad periods, when the people you're with know you at your ugliest and your shining best and love you through all of it both because of who you are and despite how you are at your worst, it's the most secure and buoying feeling. It's like a giant recharge. The secret to sustaining friendship through the years and miles is to give each other the room and support to grow and change, love and/or tolerance for the parts of each other that have always been and will always be, to provide encouragement and also a safe space to land or retreat to, and to show up when needed, whether in person or via text. Love all my ladies. Thanks for another great weekend and physical stomach pains from laughing, and the cleaning gift and Amazon gift card! 

Show Us Your Books is tomorrow! See you here for that. 

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