Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Siblings and friends and eyebrow soothsaying

I've been looking at time hop a lot (mostly to catch photos of Geege, let’s be real) and it shows that I do the same shit for years on end, mostly because it's good stuff. Right about now it’s celebrating my brother's birthday (today) the weekend before at the shore. Happy birthday Stephen! I always feel grateful to have siblings I really like as people. 

The past few years the second weekend of June has been girls weekend with my ladies from junior high and high school. What a wonderful thing to rest in a place of serious friendship with the same women for nearly 30 years, finding a safe haven through the highs and lows and the many in betweens. I’m so looking forward to this weekend.

Time hop also showed me that a year and a week before I accidentally shaved part of my eyebrow off having my razor in my hand when I adjusted my shower cap, I had a dream that I shaved part of my eyebrow off. I am clearly an eyebrow incident soothsayer.

Two things about The Great Eyebrow Incident of 2019, foreseen in a dream in 2018: my BFF Laura was more surprised that I own a shower cap than that I had an eyebrow accident and it took MFD over a week to notice and immediately comment that I look like Vanilla Ice. 

Word to your mother, Tuesday.

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