Friday, June 28, 2019

Being a solid support system to moms to be

Congratulations! Your BFF/sister/work wife/ insert close proximity person here is pregnant and you're going to be an aunt! But first, you're going to be a solid support system to the pregnant person.

See her
Ask how she is and how she's feeling of course, but over everything else don't lose sight of her as a person, not just an expectant mother. Go see her and bring a gift suitable for her temporary change of circumstance, bring some snacks, and bring some chill. 

Bring food
There can be cravings, getting hangry is more dangerous than ever before, and summoning the energy to make food can be difficult. Help a sister out by getting mail order food gifts, so she doesn’t have to take care of it, or stopping by to cook a meal for everyone or drop off a pre-made meal every now and then. I usually do that after the baby is born, but before is helpful too if you can swing it.

Celebrate her
As one of the closest women in her life, contribute to the baby shower bash that she’ll be having at some point. If you are not the chief planner, find out who is and offer your services to make food or favors or arrangements or take photos or set up/clean up/decorate, or whatever the chief organizer needs. 

Reassure her
It’s not just a myth. Baby brain has been proven real and feeling forgetful can  impact a mom to be's self-esteem. You’re there to offer a guilt-free, understanding zone, and a helping hand when she forgets something. No questions asked.

Listen up
Don't be dismissive or talk down to someone when she’s worried about something pregnancy related. Listen as she navigates the difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and real labor. Help her find the answers when she’s not certain if everything is normal or encourage her to get in touch with the doctor or midwife.

If it’s her first pregnancy and she’s feeling a little stressed about being unprepared as the big day approaches, be a sounding board for her birth plan. Be her sounding board period, like you would in any circumstance. Just with a little more oomph because she might need a little more oomph from you.

Other tips for being a solid support system to framily through pregnancy?

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