Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Reflecting on life as I start my 64th year

Obviously I'm not starting my 64th year (that is obvious, right?!), but my mom is as her birthday was last week and this post is from her. 

In a million years, I never thought---

-I’d wear loose, long, maternity-type tops and let my bra straps show!  Big no-no years ago!

-I'd take (thanks iphone camera) and have (thanks Snapfish) so many pictures! Over 8,300 pictures and over 1,300 videos on my phone mostly of grandchickens that I send to their parents when they are with me and look back at them when the kids are not with me and I miss them!! Also many furry kid pictures, too! I am in the process of sorting pictures for all of our kids and extended families for them or for upcoming events that require picture boards. It takes forever, but #everypicturetellsastory, so it’s nice!

-We’d buy water! We have filtered water in our fridge, but we still buy water. And that so many people and so much money is spent on buying coffee, too!!! Hashtag GOLDMINE

-I would be able to compile my favorite songs and ask Alexa to play them AND request songs on a whim for grandchicken dance parties!!

-I'd have heated seats and push button starts on cars! And Tiles and a phone app to find the key fob when some people lose theirs 50 million times! Also- GPS, DVD players, Apple car play!

-The cell phone and internet - a little computer and camera and KIT-er right in my hand and the internet, social media for letting me communicate with people all over the world and expose injustice!!! The phone apps!! Just amazing!

-I’d feel such absolute joy and love for our four grandchickens - 2 pictured - 2 social media shy. It is, by far, the best and most beautiful love ever! Bonding with them is priceless. Being the oldest of six and I was 13 when my mom had triplets and almost 21 when I had my Stephanie, I have been around and cared for babies forever, it seems, BUT, this love is like no other! I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with my maternal grandparents who thought the sun rose and set on me. I also witnessed my own kids with their grandparents and my Stephanie with her great grandmother was really awesome!!! All you have to do is love them!!!

There is much more, I am sure, but I chose to focus on good stuff! I send healing lights and love and angels to all and may all of our free will choices be for the highest good! Be kind! Be grateful!
Thanks to the universe for our wonderful lives!!!


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