Thursday, June 6, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - Oh, I just sit up in the house and resist and not be seen until I cease to exist

Wondering why the hell everyone in DD Tuesday morning had to look at their receipt before claiming their coffee. The DD people were yelling out the coffee orders three times. You just ordered that less than two minutes ago, Derek. You don't know how you ordered your coffee? Get your ass up to the front to retrieve it and let us all get on with our lives. Man alive.

Hoping Bender stops rolling in poop. MFD alleges that he does it multiple times a day. Not for me so far.

Getting paid $125 for two hours of a focus group on Monday night. The topic: Planned Parenthood and bodily autonomy for women. As soon as I heard the topic, I put my hands behind my head and sat back like let us begin. As soon as I started opening my mouth, the facilitator knew she had the perfect candidate.

Replacing plates and silverware at the shore this year. My Dollar Store bowls are going strong from last year.

Remembering D-Day. 75 years ago today the world's axis started swinging back towards good but it would cost a hell of a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and lives. 

Celebrating pride this month (and the right for people to be who they are every month).

Missing The Obamas. Not because they were perfect people or because he was the best president or because they are without fault. Listening to Michelle Obama's book, I am reminded that we've had global representatives that had integrity and warmth and were not embarrassing, lying grifters.

Listening to Least Complicated by the Indigo Girls.

Reading: a shit ton of Netgalley books on my kindle. I need to get a physical book into my hands this weekend. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. Yesterday was Jana's birthday, did you know that?

Fangirling when authors acknowledge you tagging them in something.

Sporting new hair thanks to Kristi. We talked about our reusable bags like 42 year olds do.

Watching: Billions. 

Looking forward to a great weekend with my girlfriends and a ride on my new bike. 

Reminding you:

Ecards: I feel seen.

What's new with you?

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