Monday, June 3, 2019

TWTW - the one on beach time

Friday I had off, so MFD and I piled the dogs in the car Thursday night and set off for the shore. I worked until about 11 and put out the new plates we got for upstairs. My brother and Aubrey were down with the kids, and my Dad and Carol and Aubrey's parents were down as well. I ended up working until after noon on Friday, so not really a day off, but still at the shore and it ended on the beach so all good. My dad had to be picked up from the Nissan dealership because his car's transmission went. Thank God a dealership was less than 15 miles away. 
We went to the boardwalk at night and hit the arcade, there was hot sauce tasting in a new store on the boards, rides, and I went out on a limb to get peanut butter and mint. The highlight on the way home was the performance of MFD and Aubrey as they sat in the Virtual Reality seats - they drew a crowd. 

I got up to see the sunrise, but there wasn't one. I made greek orzo salad for dinner for dinner and my dad made a big breakfast, then we took a bike ride on the boards with a pit stop at the beach. I took a snooze and then we hit the beach for a few hours. 
Back at the house we discovered a leak in the shower. Of course, so close to the season. My brother grilled but I couldn't eat because I was stressed out. We sang happy birthday to him and had some ice cream cake from A La Mode. I rallied and we had a fun time on the boards, meeting up with Frank & Amanda & Eva for a little, MFD the talk of the town in his Fart Loading tee. 

We collected nine slices along the way home and Aubrey ran a pizza blind taste test for us. It was fun! Then we had a drawing contest Lola ran and rigged. 

Started with new silverware upstairs and the discovery that my bike was stolen overnight. Not locked up, what can you do. Between my dad's transmission, the leak, and the theft, that's three things so we should be good. My dad’s car is being worked on, we think we have a temporary fix for the leak that will get us through the season, and Carol and my Dadare buying me a new bike. I also misplaced my kindle for most of the day so no beach reading of the new book I started Saturday night. Instead I relaxed and played and after we were done on the beach took an outdoor shower and hit the boards with Stephen & Aubrey and the kids (and sans phone) one more time before heading home with MFD and four very tired dogs. 

Weekly food prep: breakfast is breakfast burritos from the freezer. Lunch is egg salad. Snacks are strawberries, cantaloupe, and bell peppers. Dinners are grilled sausage and peppers and I don’t know what else yet. 

It was another awesome weekend. My niece and nephew are the funniest best kids ever. 

Kimmy Foo Foo's birthday was Saturday, we'll be celebrating together next weekend!

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