Thursday, June 20, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - I've run out of comments, I'm tired of the violence

1. I don't bread things often (like, ever), but this week I did with bone-in pork chops and it sent me back to the first meal I knew how to make for my family using the oven at age 11: shake & bake pork chops in the oven with stovetop rice and kidney beans. I'd been making soups at my Mom Mom's side since I could stand on a chair at the stove, but this is what I think of when I think of the first actual meal I was tasked with cooking. What's the first meal you learned how to make and how old were you?

2. I had to go to the fucking dentist yesterday for a cleaning. If you're new here, the dentist is my kryptonite. My appointment was for 1:15 and I managed to not call and lie myself out of going the five times I had the urge to. Give me compliments.

3. It is still so weird to me that I live less than 10 minutes from a casino with neon lights. It must be weird to the deer too. 
4. I love this new sign but I hate the new Love Park in general. I miss the fountain a lot. Fountains are my jam. If they ever try to move or alter the fountain in Logan Square I will chain myself to it. You heard it here first. 

5. I love glimpsing grand buildings through trees. I took this on my way to the library the other day. It was so humid I nearly died. Summer in Philly. 

6. This week has been sort of lazy. I've run a few errands at night and during the day, but I've slacked and sat on my ass and read a lot too. Last night I had to turn it up at home. The dogs did not hear me raise the volume. 

7. I'll work from the shore tomorrow as usual and I am freaking pumped to attend the library book sale after work. I'm looking to score some less than $1 paperbacks to take on vacation. 

8. trump has done irreparable harm to the Central Park Five, way back when he whipped everyone into a frenzy and now when he refuses to acknowledge their exoneration. Trash person but in line with the racist dog whistles blowing everywhere. Actually they're no longer dog whistles, they're bullhorns, and threatening to round up and deport mass amounts of people is a loud and clear call to rally his base rabid for people to blame for the problems in this country other than those who actually deserve it - the ones they continually vote into office against their own interests who have no godly intention of making things better for Joe and Mary Citizen and every intention of making sure the rich get richer and that they themselves are among the rich. The cost of food, gas, medication, everything is up up up and if I'm feeling it, it has to be absolutely crushing people on the poverty line. If we stopped concentrating on keeping black and brown people down, what women were doing with their vaginas, who is having sex with who, etc., and joined together to PRESS EVERY OFFICIAL to ensure there are fair wages, income equality, equity for ALL of us, equal justice under the law, single payer healthcare with no middlemen making profit off of pain standing between people and emotional/mental/physical well being, and our basic living needs were met, we'd be unstoppable. Instead people who make $25 an hour want to make sure people making $8 don't ever make more while the guy at the top makes an obscene amount and kids can't pay for their school lunches. And the people who make $8 an hour want to blame brown people for taking jobs they don't even want instead of the guy making an obscene amount who doesn't give a shit about them or their ability to eat or live without fear. It makes no sense to me. Not much does anymore. 

9. Reminder: art and reminder via The Sweet Feminist

10. Ecards:

Have a good weekend!

What appears after the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts is a song lyric to whatever I'm listening to when I start to write the post. This week is Special by Garbage

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