Friday, December 7, 2018

Did I catch a niner in there?

Once upon a time, I posted a Friday Five most weeks. I intended to resurrect that today but it's actually a niner if we're going by number of photos so it's more like another Thursday Thoughts on Friday. I used to run every day randomly on this blog. It's nice to revisit that. Follow along the photos left to right now.
1. The title is of course a reference to Tommy Boy. There's never a bad time to reference Tommy Boy.
2. Stole that from Amanda on Instagram.
3. Nails in Set Sail from Sally's Insta-Dri line. Part of me feels like dumping all of my polishes and only using Insta-Dri going forward.
4. This sat with me all day yesterday.
5. Rice, exciting, right? That rice is made with bone froth, fockers. I'm done fucking around with this cold.
6. See Exhibit B of Done Fucking Around With This Cold: fresh batch of elderberry extract. I slacked on my daily dose of this for a few weeks before I got this illness and I know that's why I have it. I use this recipe sans brandy. Update: it's walking pneumonia, these potions aren't doing shit. Seven days of antibiotics coming up
7. Chicken enchiladas for dinner using enchilada sauce I made a while back and had in the freezer.
8. These Old Navy sweater leggings are warm and extremely comfortable. Also extremely not flattering. Like, at all.
9. I like to take photos of my dogs under the tree. Typically they are closer but not Bruce who can't leave the tree skirt alone.

This concludes another round of inconsequential shit you don't care about. I could’ve written about last night’s furniture debacle in which we attempted to move our hulk of an ikea entertainment center to the basement in one piece at 9:25 pm, failed, attempted to take only the top off and move it to have it fold in like a house of cards as it teetered on the top step, struggled to get it back in the living room so we could lay it flat to take it apart only to have it sag in the middle and drop in on itself like an imploding building, and all the yelling and cursing in between and the shit strewn everywhere and the dogs trapped on the sofa. But I won’t write about that. Nope. I’m going to pretend that shit never happened. Only one injury was sustained to the top of my foot. It’s fine, I’m fine, we’re fine.

Have a good weekend!

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