Sunday, December 30, 2018

TWTW - the one with the living room refresh

Friday I went to Sherwin Williams, came home, and started painting without even removing everything from the living room. MFD got home from his uncle's and was like whaaaaaaaat is happening and started helping. We called it a night around 11.
Saturday I was up and out to get more paint, hit two grocery stores because one didn't have my coffee for cold brew, put gas in my car, and we were painting again by 9:30 am. MFD did a great job cleaning up my crappy painting and the dogs were much more chill than I was. 
The living room was cleaned and put back together by 6. I don't have true before and afters, just some shitty befores where things are in the background, but the top pics are as it is now and the bottom are various stages of before. Still some things to do and the dreaded trim to paint but I'm happy with the changes. It's much more open and brighter. The couches are NOT new - they are slip covered, we have a blue set and white set, we just rarely use the white. The rug is new from Wayfair on super sale, as are the lamps and most decor has just been moved or brought in from other rooms in the house. 
I made dinner, painted my nails, showered, and became a scary mask person while MFD changed the couch slip covers out. My mother-in-law was with us overnight and we had brownies and watched Bird Box (not scary but still fucked up and as always the book was better, this is why I rarely watch the movie). 
Sunday I was up and out early for a road trip with my mom to Dawn's to see Lori & Jack for a short visit. Then back home to let the dogs out and off to the grandparents' (Carol's parents) then to Costco for the first time since Stephen & Aubrey were bringing me home. I wish it was close to me, prices and selection are superior to Sam's. I got home around 6, listed some stuff to sell on eBay, watched The Office, and read. 

Sunday was also Angie's birthday. Happy birthday Ange! Love you.

Last weekend of the year, and it was productive and good. Debbie comes back into town tonight and tomorrow we'll be at the Mummers Parade. For those who follow, I'll have a post up as usual with info on that tomorrow. 

Happy New Year's Eve! Safety first.  

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