Monday, December 24, 2018

TWTW - the one before Christmas

Friday I dipped into a surprisingly empty Liberty Place to see the tree before a Festivus lunch at work. At home we did some purging (five bags, a box, and a magazine holder), I took photos of stuff to sell on eBay, I sat with intent for Winter Solstice, we made a trip to Home Depot, and MFD W. Griswold was like an elf overnight decorating for Christmas. 
Saturday I watched my niece and nephew for a couple of hours (most time spent in a makeshift car with Lola driving me, two dogs, and a bunch of babies around), painted my nails (nail art crime scene, while it was happening I told Lola I'd give her dots and after Lola saw mine she said, "aunt steph I not want dots." I understand, Lola Jean.), rambled around the grocery store like a lost child, and did some food prep. MFD cleaned most of the house thank God. We hosted Friendsgivingmas at our house. Everyone brought an app and/or dessert and that is my favorite type of party ever. It is always so easy and great to spend time with friends of 25+ years. Mae was up staring at the door until 2 am because Debbie brought her cat with her and Mae is freaking obsessed with him. 
Sunday I put my Show Us Your Books: Favorite Reads of 2018 post together, changed sheets, did a little laundry, made macaroni salad and iced tea, and threw a ham in the oven. MFD's gram is 90 this week so we celebrated a few days early. The dogs were all up on her immediately, of course. When MFD was taking her home carolers were out front and they sang happy birthday to her before singing a Christmas song. It was awesome! Screenings of Christmas Vacation and Rudolph rounded out the night. 

I thought it was Christmas Eve all day because of how the holiday is falling this weekend. Anyone else?

Happy Christmas Eve!

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