Thursday, December 6, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - and the songbirds are singing like they know the score

Being insular and boring. I read books, eat too many white flour products, take photos of dogs, and try not to think too hard about anything as I recoup my energy.

Planning a quick drive down and back to the shore on Saturday to get some stuff I left down there.

Loving the A Woman's Place is in the House article in Elle magazine.

Hating the skin rebellion as it gets dry and I transition to winter skincare. 

Recovering from a heart attack. Bender got out of the yard last night in the dark and I couldn’t find him for 15 minutes. I couldn’t find a working flashlight or my phone either and MFD wasn’t home. Bender boy was down the street and a kind stranger walked him up to the crazy lady running and yelling. Thanks to my neighbors for helping my panicking ass, one of them even got out of bed to help me.

Discovering that Bruce thinks Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie votives are actual cookies, which he attempts to eat as they are burning.

Waiting to paint my living room until after Christmas - putting this in writing in hopes that I really do wait as waiting is not a strength of mine once I have change in mind.

Wishing Dad & Carol a happy anniversary today.

Hoping this fucking cold goes away. Day 10 today.

Buying a pair of booties at Nordstrom Rack that were originally $120 for $40. Damn, Grandma. They feel like slippers, too.

Listening to Songbird by Fleetwood Mac. That's the end lyric up after the hyphen.

Reading:  Montauk by Nicola Harrison courtesy of Netgalley, well I finished that at 1 am last night. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday and a special Show Us Your Books Favorites of 2018 is Wednesday, 12/26.

Doing the Christmas in Philly tour - I saw the Wanamaker light show Tuesday at lunch and strolled through City Hall and Love Park last night. 

Reminding the world: 


What's new with you?

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