Monday, December 17, 2018

TWTW - the one with the first birthday

Friday was my work Christmas party, which was fun as always and we made it to the train with about 10 seconds to spare so we didn't have to wait until midnight for the next one, praise the lort. There was an HVAC issue outside of the room that pissed me off as the party organizer but other than that smooth sailing. 
Saturday I took it easy all day - I was only back to work on Thursday and a long day Friday did me in. My energy is not back to where it was pre-walking pneumonia, not even close. I read a book and watched Game of Thrones all day - FINE I WATCH GAME OF THRONES NOW. MFD made monkey bread. We both made separate batches of chili and talked a bunch of shit to each other about which one was better. 
Sunday I did some food prep, moved some stuff around in the basement, took pics of shit to sell on ebay, changed and washed sheets, did a load of towels, and we went to my nephew's first birthday. Aubrey did an awesome job with the theme from the invites as she always does, with real wood centerpieces and a trail mix bar but I didn't get a lot of pics because my phone was playing the music. The birthday boy is the sweetest, happiest, cutest kid (no social media for my niece and nephew but trust me on that) and today is his actual birthday. Happy birthday Baby Steeeeeeve. I love you so much! 
Weekly food prep: scrambled eggs for breakfast, blackberries for snack, tuna salad for lunch with crackers if necessary, dinners are leftover chili and mac and cheese from the party, and I'll make something involving chicken thighs at some point. 

And you? 

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