Thursday, December 27, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - and you may ask yourself well, how did I get here?

1. The last Thursday of 2018. How did I get here? This year is largely a blur. My head has been so far into next year and my intentions and plans and desires that I've had a hard time tethering myself to the present.

2. Snaps from Christmas Eve at Sandy's and my uncle's. The evening topped off with a bayberry candle burning down to the socket to bring good in the new year.
3. Christmas Day at home, my brother & Aubrey's, and Mom's. While MFD was catching a few hours of sleep (he does the overnight Code Blue shift with the homeless every Christmas Eve), Debbie and I did face masks and jade rolling (I tested hers before getting my own). Aubrey made awesome shrimp tacos at our first stop and I ate more than my fair share of candied bacon at my mom's and am feeling quite fluffy. It's not about the stuff, but that being said I got awesome stuff and am thankful for the generous people in my life.
4. Christmas was good, but it's a lot. Too much for me. And that's okay. I was sad to see people who demand no judgement for putting Christmas up November 1 shaming people for taking it down on 12/26. That's not how it works. If you want to decorate whenever with no comment, people should also be able to remove decor whenever with no comment.
5. Our tree will stay up until the weekend because I like the lights - it was never decorated this year because have you met Bruce? - and MFD's window will remain up until after the New Year. The rest of the stuff is down and put away. We rearranged the living room yesterday. Paint and laying out the new rug following soon. It's been set up the same basic way for the past 10 years now. It feels good to have a change.
6. Wednesday in this week of what the hell day is it was Show Us Your Books favorite reads of 2018. I hope you check some of those posts out if you're looking for a book! If you want to link up, it's open until 1/4. Books I got for Christmas:
7. My Instagram Top Nine. Get yours here. Of course more than half are dogs. I LOL'd at two Christmas photos in there.
8. I'm working from home today and in the city tomorrow for the last workday of the year. I have a freaking dentist appointment to replace fillings. Deliver me. I was the errand queen yesterday and plan the same for today and tomorrow though. I mailed out a bunch of stuff I sold on Ebay. Gotta start the year fresh.

9.  Reminder:
10. E-card of the week:

I hope you had an awesome Christmas and are still holidaying it up this week. 

What appears after the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts is a song lyric to whatever I'm listening to when I start to write the post. This week is Once in a Lifetime by The Talking Heads

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