Monday, December 24, 2018

What A Typical Day Out In Miami Can Look Like

Happy Christmas Eve friends! Because I'm dreaming of a little sunny getaway right now, it's the perfect day to share a post written by my friend Jessie. Is anyone getting a weekend away for Christmas? If so, can I come?

Miami is known for many things around the world and chief among them being how well the football team is doing. Aside from many sporting stars, the city has grown fond of pleasing tourists that have come looking for the three things that make a great vacation. Sun, sand and sea are the currencies and Miami has truck fulls of them. You could cart away fort knox twice over if you could measure how much in real money. It's a place where you can rest easy on the golden beaches, enjoying the sand that is soft to the touch but pliable enough to make great sand art with. You can ride the waves and surf while enjoying a sighting of dolphins every now and then. You can also glance across the waves in luxury, and sunbathe on the top deck of your own yacht if you wish. Seafood it waiting ashore, with some of the best barbecue shrimp you will ever taste in your life. You should be looking to do all three, and preferably in one day. Why? Because you can in Miami.

Going down south

You have to visit the South Beach if you’re ever in Miami. The most iconic beach in all of America, this is where many Hollywood movies have been filmed. However, make sure to come here by lunchtime or you won’t have the best spots still open. It's very popular among tourists and locals because the sand is actually quite fine and not coarse like some other eastern beaches. Spread out along the beach there are lots of sports and activities you can do. Volleyball is among the top things people like to do and renting your own net and ball is quite easy to do as small vendors are littered around. But it's better to bring your own things such as frisbees, soccer balls, beach balls and more.

Out in the open

Since you are so close to the water wherever you go onto the beach, why not book yourself a boat rental Miami Beach? You can take out your own yacht for the day and cruise around in luxury. You can have boats that are powered and drive very easily as the engines they use are not overpowered, or you can have yachts with a little more pep. There are also sailboats that you may wish to rent if you are handy with a little bit of sailing. However, not all the yachts are the same in their booking, such as some that offer you more time during the day, while others offer you more during the evening hours. The three key areas in which this service is accessible are Key West, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach. If you’re in any of these areas, you can book and sail away in just an hour or so. You can take a tour guide with you or simply go out in the open and enjoy the waters to your leisure.

A typical day in Miami is enjoying the beach, lazing around letting the sun bathe your skin in a healthy glow and then cease flirting with the ocean and just go out on the blue waters yourself.

Have you ever been? 

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