Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - And there is always one last light to turn out and one last bell to ring

1. I finally left the house at lunch yesterday - I've been inside since I got home from work on Friday - and forgot to put shoes on. MFD was like it's fine, it's Aldi. Win some, lose some. Not leaving the house all weekend, working from home for the first few days of this week, and doing no hausfrauing means I have spent more consecutive time in my living room than I ever have before. I want to skip over Christmas and move on to the rearranging of the room. If I was well last weekend, it would surely be painted right now.

2. About the only productive thing I've done all week is change out the shower curtain. The last time I switched it was also in December, two years ago. It must be an end of the year thing in this house.

3. Bender loves this freaking turtle. No other dog has touched it all year. It's noisy and he likes to paw it until it makes the noise. He brought this with him to his resting spots, it wasn't placed with him.
4. Back in the office today so no more dog photos during the day this week. I'm happy, I am tired and bored of myself. Bruce and Bender adore each other and I'm so glad. Gus and Mae look to be out of the way of the always moving puppy play zone at all times.
5. Nails insider tip: I paint them as they'll be painted - AKA outside the lines - then when they dry I clean them off under water. But today you get the not cleaned off, janky over-painted nail pic. OPI Go With the Lava Flow and This Color's Making Waves.
6. Democrats, stop taking corporate money that makes you loyal to corporations over your constituents. You don't get to say you're for the people and vote like you're not. Not anymore. Stop campaigning on things you have no intention of delivering on or you're out. Everyone sign the petition, fuck who you got money from. And while you'ree in office, put bills to vote that take money out of politics. Corporate democrats, you're next on the chopping block.

7. This is not justice. Add in the Baylor rapist released with a $400 fine this week too. Please make a simple phone call on Cyntoia Brown's behalf. How can you see this type of thing and think there is racial and gender equality?

8. Famous people Instagram accounts I enjoy: Luvvie Ajayi, Sally KohnJennifer Garner, Will SmithJason Biggs (#jadonsladies), Sophia Bush, and Comments by Celebs.

9.  Reminder:

10. E-card of the week: Right? Everything is simultaneously speeding up and slowing down.

What appears after the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts is a song lyric to whatever I'm listening to when I start to write the post. This week is Mrs. Potter's Lullaby by Counting Crows.

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