Monday, August 20, 2018

TWTW - the one where the crowd thinned

I love when work days start with a sunrise over Dog Beach. Bruce is not the only dog who goes to Dog Beach because he's the favorite. He's the only dog who goes to Dog Beach because a) he can be trusted off-leash b) he was socialized from jump with strange dogs and doesn't go after them c) he likes to run and play. Gus and Mae still go to our beach off-season but they don't really like other dogs and are too set in their ways for Dog Beach.
Work work work work work and lunch errands. Blue Lotus for soap, L.E.H. Soap to pick up a gift for guests checking in Saturday, and the used paperback book store to trade books. Fun fact: The Shell Seekers was one of Gamma's favorite books. 
Friday night I worked late, started a new paperback, painted my nails (OPI Gelato on My Mind) and toes (OPI Purple Palazzo Pants), did a face thing. and had dinner in from Bennie's Bread
I also pimped my ride (remember that show?), a hand me down bike from Carol. I gave my original yellow bike away and hope this one rusts less. I am going to clear coat Rustoleum it Labor Day week. 
Saturday I said goodbye to my favorite family, but no worries they're coming back next year. They wash my towels and leave me gifts and I love them. I also attempted to clean the ceiling water marks from the toilet overflow situation last week that came down through the floor. I was not super successful but it's hard to do it right in a four hour period with one zillion percent humidity. Nothing dries. Incoming guests were returning also and they didn't care at all, they were just so happy to be back. I love this family too. Thank God for great people. Meanwhile, knowing my ceiling doesn't look great and needing to inspect it more to see if it can just be painted or needs to be removed and repaired eats at me and I fretted via text to MFD but it is what it is and it'll get dealt with after weekly rentals are over next Saturday. Of course this is the year I have all September weekends being rented or used, my husband is an absentee shore owner due to running for office, and my Dad is laid up with a regenerating new fake knee. Bruce was insane and overtired and peed on the bed and I said fuck it and took off to the beach to chill the fuck out, jump in the ocean, eat ice cream, and cry a little. I came back, showered, ordered dinner from Randazzo's, and fell asleep on the couch with the dogs. 
The population is way down in town starting this week - see all the empty space on the beach around me on a sunny late Saturday afternoon - and that is always nice. I was up in the middle of the night twice to walk the dogs, lord give me strength. So I way eased into Sunday with coffee. Then I spent over 1.5 hours weeding the street weeds, including the big mama ones in front of my neighbor's house who I haven't seen in two years and were awful and gross. I went to Rite Aid and the library, made shower spray and foaming hand soap, cleaned out the cabinets (since it's so humid and sea-levely here the smell of mold and mildew is a constant fight), and hung out reading with los perros sleeping. 
I took a late afternoon walk on the beach. I go to the beach every day I'm here, whether it's nice or not. It's essential to my well being even if I just go stand in the water for five minutes. 
I left around 8:35 and was home doing laundry a few minutes before 10.

Weekly food prep - breakfast is scrambled eggs. I need to figure out lunches (I think tuna) and dinners (maybe Mexican stuffed shells from the freezer).

Local friends, MFD is having a fundraiser tonight, Monday, August 20, 6-8 pm at Fare Restaurant with State Rep Donna Bullock and our BFF and 29th Ward Committee Person and proprietor of Angela Vendetti Consulting, click through to purchase a $35 ticket to attend. Wednesday night is Movie Night at The Newtown Theatre on Wednesday, August 22, from 7-10 pm where our pugs will be taking photos as a goof on the movie The Campaign (suggested donation $10).

And you? Tell me about your weekend that was. 

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