Thursday, August 9, 2018

TWTW - the one that happened almost a week ago now

Since I use this sort of as a diary of where I was, here it is anyway.

Friday night I had to run MFD back and forth to get tires fixed, then it was Jane's surprise 70th - Jane has always been like a second mom to me and she's Stephen's actual godmother. She also doesn't look a day over 50. It was nice to see everyone! We got home around 11 and fell out around 12.
Saturday I was on the way to the shore solo by 7:30, armed with coffee and a large to do list. Turnover was sweaty and frantic as I attempted to locate mysteriously missing blinds, which the newest guests ended up finding, and had a nervous breakdown over a fake bug that I thought was real. The last photo is what turnover aftermath looks like in my apartment. Also check out that amazing chalk art someone left.
Beach, pizza, and asleep 10:30.
Sunday was one of the best days ever. I saw the sunrise, got my favorite takeout coffee, made up some shower spray and foaming hand soap, organized things for next weekend, cleared up the turnover detritus, and was on the beach by 9:30. I read two books, had a buffalo chicken panini and frozen yogurt for lunch, people watching including a photo shoot, and didn't make it back home until almost nine hours later. A quick shower and run over to 16th Street Seafood to get scrimps and fried mac and cheese. I let my phone die and totally peaced out and it was amazing. MFD and the dogs arrived after midnight.
Monday I took a bike ride, then we had breakfast at Dockside Kitchen with MFD and our friend Joe. I went to the library before hitting the beach to continue reading in my natural habitat. We had a delicious dinner at OC Eatery then went up to the boardwalk to people watch and poke around in stores. We were assed out by 11 as were the dogs.
Tuesday started at the dog beach and Bungalow Bowls with Bruce Springsteen. We spent the day down at Corson's Inlet. No crowds, lots of surfing, a unicorn in the waves, cheesy poofs for lunch, more books, MFD on the phone working much of the time (many people think he is no longer selling real estate since he's running for office but he certainly is - that's how we pay bills so if you're in the market to buy or sell in PA or NJ, let me know), home to do some frantic cleaning up and packing, last bike ride on my yellow bike as I took it over to drop it off (Carol gave me her old bike, stay tuned for my new ride), and finally leaving with the dogs just before 9 only to hit g.d. traffic on the way home. Seriously, 95? It was nice to spend time together at the shore where I was sure we'd be every weekend this year, but you never know what's coming and you have to adapt. I think we've done well given everything we have going on individually. We're still here and we still like each other, so that's good.
Weekly food prep - LOL, no. I worked from home yesterday so I could be available for the comedy show of getting my Dad back from knee replacement surgery with Carol. A painful thing but we had a lot of laughs. I also went to two libraries - the Langhorne one to drop off Lola's books and the Philly one to return and pick up mine (that's three different library systems for me since Monday for those counting). Last night I packed up to go to the lake with the girls and my travelling Wilbury dogs this weekend so I ordered pizza from a new place and called it a day. I'll get back to food prep Sunday. Maybe. Maybe not. It is the slide into the deepest summer after all.

So on the eve eve of the next weekend, let me ask you how your last weekend was. A derr, right?

Sponsored post on here yesterday which long time readers should have known was sponsored right away by the title, and two more coming. When I need time off I don't mind filling in with posts I would never write that someone might like to read, especially if I get paid for them. I'm still recovering from the substance abuse post I did and will be skimming my own surface for a bit. 

Thursday Thoughts clearly has the day off today for the first time in a long time. Pumped for the criminal justice reform victory in the form of Wesley Bell in St. Louis. Disappointed in Ohio and Michigan primary results but the show must go on. 

Also, local friends, MFD is having a fundraising taco party in South Philly Monday night. I'd love to see you even if we've never met face to face! You can buy tickets that start at $25 here

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