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Most Common Reasons for Nose Job Surgery

I hope your weekend is winding down in a relaxing way. You guessed correctly that while I don't love my nose, I did not write this post (here's what I did with the money from it). I personally don't see myself getting surgery unless it was a medical necessity, but I've learned in my life to never say never.  I don't live in your skin, and you don't live in mine. We're free to be you and me, and to get the nose job or whatever if we need or want to. Peace. 

We all have something that we feel as imperfect about our bodies. In most case, people wish they could adjust something about their faces, for instance, a double chin that makes our faces look sulky, unwanted wrinkles, or even droopy eyelids. If you have problems with the nose, then you are like many people out there. A nose job is one of the most requested corrective surgical procedures. You will learn later that people pursue this surgical procedure for varying reasons.

Rhinoplasty also referred to as a nose job, is a surgical procedure to adjust the shape of the nose or improve its function by changing the cartilage. Nose job surgery can be done for medical reasons such as correcting disfigurement caused by a birth defect or trauma, or as a treatment for breathing problems. Many people also do it for cosmetic reasons.

While there is no standard way of describing a perfect nose, a nose job surgery can put emphasis on your unique facial features that enhance your natural beauty. A doctor will assess the structure of your nose together with other facial features and discuss with you the various techniques are used to get the desired results. Rhinoplasty adjustments that the doctor can make on your nose include.

        Adjusting the angle
        Changing the size
        Straightening the bridge
        Widening or narrowing the nostrils
        Reshaping the tip

Here are the 4 most common reasons for nose job surgery:

Repairing Broken Nose

Broken noses are fairly common than you can imagine. People with a displaced or broken nose can have it rectified through nose job surgery. The procedure should be done shortly after the damage because dislocated bones can settle into place. Rhinoplasty is appropriate to correct both the cosmetic abnormality and the functional aspects. Potential causes of injuries could be from a fall, car accident, or a sports injury.

Medical Reasons

Whilst many people may perceive nose job surgery as a cosmetic treatment, many patients pursue Rhinoplasty for medical purposes. Nasal obstructions such as a deviated septum can block one nostril thus, making breathing difficult. In most cases, people are born with this condition and may not have an idea until when the condition is severe.

Apart from the difficulty in breathing, a deviated septum can also cause allergies, obstructive apnea, severe sinus headache, and other sinus problems.

To eliminate the tissues causing blockage, a surgeon may carry out rhinoplasty. The process can also rectify cosmetic abnormality. Once the problem has been corrected, a patient will experience better breathing which will lead to a better quality of life.

Cosmetic Reasons

Sometimes we may notice shortcomings in our noses. They may appear asymmetrical while in other cases we may feel they are too small, big or too pointed. All this can be corrected through rhinoplasty.

When it comes to cosmetic corrections, rhinoplasty can be tailored to suit individual needs. Many patients approach surgeons for a nose job with a goal of improving their facial appearance.

Confidence and self-esteem are closely related to how we feel about our appearances. This could be attributed to the fact that beauty is often determined by our faces and body and the fact that society worship vitality and youth.

A subtle change to your nose shape can make a tremendous difference in your facial appearance. A plastic surgeon will not only improve the symmetry aspect of your nose but will also ensure that it looks harmonious with other facial features. The impact of your new appearance on your professional and social relations is priceless.
Here are some common nose features that may make you choose rhinoplasty.

A short nose

A nose that doesn’t project out enough can make your face appear flat, and this has an effect on your overall facial profile. Rhinoplasty can help to correct nasal bridge for a more appealing projection.


Overprojection has the opposite effects of short nose. Projecting too far from the face makes your nose appear larger and unbalanced with the rest of the face. To improve the projection, rhinoplasty shaves down the extra part. This may also involve shortening the tip of the nose. This procedure is carried out by removing cartilage on the tip.

Lumps and Bumps

Prominent lumps and bumps either on the bridge or on your nose can distort the balance of the nose. Nose job surgery is the ideal solution to restore the symmetry and improve the overall nasal profile.

Other potential problems that may require a nose job include the following.

        Wide tip or bulbous - Irregular lower cartilaginous tip profile
        Droopy tip - The nose tip hangs down when smiling
        Wide dorsum - Broad nasal bridge
        Deviated tip - Rotating nasal tip, a situation often associated with a deviated septum
        Wide Nostril - Overly extensive nasal width

Rectifying Previous Surgery

Sometimes you may not be dissatisfied with the result of a nose job surgery. Fortunately, you can seek for re-correction to a more pleasing outcome. At New York Center for Facial, Plastic, and Laser Surgery, we understand the struggle of tolerating a face you don’t like. We will review the previous results and discuss with you necessary improvements to give a more desirable facial profile.

The nose you were born with, or the one that got deformed along the way doesn't have to be the one you will live with. If you are interested in nose reshaping or rhinoplasty in New York  or would like to talk to a specialist before making a decision, please reach out to The New York Center for Facial, Plastic, and Laser Surgery on (212) 570-2500. Dr. Andrew Jacono and team will help you improve your nasal profile. Dr. Jacono is a dual board certified Plastic and reconstructive surgeon with global authority in the field of facial surgery. He is often consulted by media and colleagues to offer expert opinion on matters facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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