Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Tuesdayest Tuesday of All Tuesdays

I got up late.
I had to run for the train.

I forgot my toast was in the toaster oven and nearly set the office on fire, calling on coworkers to help me wave the smoke out of open doors.  We spent the rest of the afternoon stinking of smoke and regret.

I locked myself out of the office just before leaving.

My train home broke down and we had to get off at the North Philly station to wait for another to come and pick us up. Eau de urine permeated the air. People stood in tight clusters of rage. It took me two hours and 10 minutes to get home.

Due to the toast incident, I forgot to order groceries so I pulled open the freezer and made the grossest honey chipotle crusted salmon for dinner. Then I undercooked the rice. MFD was all what is this I said it’s just for tonight, eat it and we will never speak of it again. 

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to welcome Wednesday, and I have a lot of Tuesdayish Tuesdays under my belt. 

Let’s make this day better than the last, friends. In my case, it shouldn’t be that hard. 

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