Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - it's those restless hearts that never mend

1. Last night I raged at Verizon's automated system (see all the zeroes?) and twitter and wasted an hour of my life only to find out freaking Bruce unplugged the big box modem. That's about where I am right now with brain power. Depleted AF. Even worse? This happened a few months ago AND I DIDN'T EVEN THINK TO CHECK THE PLUG.
2. Due to a deadline that did not work in my favor, I'm not off for the full week next week that I need to uncoil my mind but I'll take it what's left of it and working from the shore suits me fine. This is the year vacation is not going as planned from any direction - MFD is spending his birthday morning canvassing on Saturday and won't be down with los perros until Saturday afternoon and will not be staying all week. Running for office: when all your husband wants for his birthday is for you to not bitch that he's missing your vacation to knock on doors and get votes. Easiest but most non monetarily expensive gift I've ever given. If you are in Philly and want to join him Saturday morning, he'd love to have you!

3. I will do some shore chores amid book reading, dog walking, swimming, and beach sitting - priming the kitchen ceiling, washing the quilts from seven beds and the covers of both couches, and scrubbing oil stains off of the driveway. I also have appointments: exterminator, split duct system service, plumber to talk about putting a washer and dryer back in the house, and a prospective future renter. It's always nice to get back in the house and take care of some things!

4. Yesterday was Gus's birthday and he had a burger and fries but also demanded an actual dinner. The other dogs appreciated that. I appreciated that he let me hold him for a while. He’s never liked being held.
5. Scenes from my 96 degree walk around Old City yesterday. The worst day to scout Christmas Party locations that involve a mile walk each way is a humid 96 degree day. I was dripping with sweat.
6. Did you ever get a notice to pick up a hold request from the library and have zero recollection of requesting the book?

7. If you read one thing this week, read Mourning a Patriot Whose Politics You Hate by Jon Lovett via Crooked Media.

8. Remember this name: Andrew Gillum. I've typically always touched on a political or social issue in Thursday Thoughts since the beginning of them in 2011. When trump took office, I tried to mention whichever bullshit corruption and lawlessness happening in this administration was most outrageous/upsetting to me. It quickly became apparent that there was too much and I felt like I was banging my head against a wall. I'm done with that. Amy Siskind is tracking things in her Weekly List and I hope you are reading that religiously. I don't need to recreate the wheel and I need to use my energy in the best way I can, and that is finding a productive path forward and highlighting things we can do because bitching is bullshit without action. I’ve always tried to give action items too, but it got lost in ghoulish news. There have been some fucking solid progressive wins recently. Andrew Gillum is one of them. If you care about this stuff, please find a candidate you can support with a $5 or $50 donation or a few hours to knock on doors (local friends, my next door knocking with MFD is Sept 9 if you want to join me) or make some phone calls or just spread the word about them and urge people to get out and VOTE. Vote for their own interests, not big business or the rich. In the next few days, if you do not believe Kavanaugh should come to a vote until after mid-terms or ever given the legal clusterfuck around this administration, get on the phone, use ResistBot, show up at the offices of your Senators. That court appointment will impact all of us much longer than this unimaginable alleged POTUS.

9. Reminder:

10. E-card of the week: Thank the unions for weekends and holidays for workers, along with all other worker's rights. And if you're in the mood to jazz up the barbecue, ask any union people you know who vote republican why they vote for people of a party that backs right to work and has spent millions of dollars over the past few years attempting to destroy collective bargaining. You know, if you feel like inserting a lightening bolt into the place.

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